Pot Size and Type for Highest/best yields on an indoor grow

Hey guys, I’m starting to plan ahead for second grow ever. Right now my question is this,

What size pot would you recommend for the highest possible yield indoors while still conserving space?

Now, I know there are a lot of variables in what affects the outcome and over all yield of your harvest. But for this post, I’m just curious about space.

That being said,

My grow tent footprint is currently 3X3ft.

The light I will be using for this grow will be a combination of the sonofarm 4000 pro and a sonofarm 2000 pro series. So, light will not be an issue as far as number of plants in the space.

The strain I’ll be growing is a blue dream auto flower boasting a 300g/ per plant indoors.

So if I’m planning to max out the yield, I’m planning on using either 5, or 7 gallon radical pots. But I’m not sure if this will be enough. I’m trying to maximize the amount of plants I can have in the grow room that are producing to their fullest potential.

Thanks in advance! Much love, mahalo!

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You really don’t need bigger then 5 gallon for autos(I prefer fabric for breathability) they just wont fill out the entire space in the pot. Now what’s really important is your medium , I recommend coco coir +perlite that way you can do pseudo hydroponics keeping them permanently moist. I also recommend using mykos/recharge and mr fulvic to super charge absorbability. Dont forget to be aggressive with the lst on the main cola until flower time to optimize photosynthesis.

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So for the autos, 5 gal is the suggestion. That seems to be the standard.

I had planned on doing a coco+jacks 321 for this grow.

Now, I’ll have to check that stuff out for sure for the absorption. Add it to the list.

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Curious as to why you are going with autos if you are most concerned about yield. Photos would allow you to hold plants in veg as long as needed to get a full canopy. Having a full canopy will usually have way more impact on final yeild than the size of pot you’re using.

For a 3x3, four 3 gallon fabric pots is plenty big enough. One plant would probably justify moving up to a 5 gallon size. But pot size doesn’t have as much to do with plant size as some people like to suggest. Having a large pot may make plant maintenance a little easier, but doesn’t automatically make your plant yield more. Especially with autos that should have a genetically programmed short veg time.


I haven’t killed enough autos to verify the theory yet but I think smaller pot size actually helps them a bit.


Probably merit in that. We can certainly acknowledge that it’s pretty typical to not see a lot of plant growth while roots are first developing. A larger pot should take longer, which in turn could eat up some of an autos veg time.


Found that out potting up to 7gal…no growth into flower


I’m using autos bred for highest yields as opposed to photos for the quick turn around time. The seeds I purchased boast an 9-10 week seed to harvest time.

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Got it. I just wanted to ask before I ended up finding out the hard way that I hurt my harvest because my roots got bound up in the bottom.

That’s good to know. That would actually be more ideal when growing in my space. for obvious reasons.

Sorry about the fragmented responses, I have to keep closing my phone and it’s not allowing me to edit my responses.

Pretty much, I’m new to growing and have pretty particular needs. The breeders for this strain from what I’ve read are reputable, and if what they are advertising for avg yield/time is true it’s perfect for me to be able to use my small space to quickly produce enough flower for smoking as well as making concentrate. I’d rather grow with photos, and plan to do that as well. I’m just tinkering with things and trying to figure out what grow style and methods work best for me and fit my needs. I realize pot size may be a silly question, but if I didn’t ask, I’d be taking an extra risk. Ya know?


I don’t grow Autos, but use cloth pots exclusively with Pro-Mix HP CC or just HP. (One has coco coir one doesn’t)
You might look around the forum for folks who do Sea of Green. Using either regular seeds or (my preference), clones from a photo plant. With photos you can keep a mother plant around for a year or so then replace it with a clone from it! The ability to cut multiple clones allows for essentially free plants. Since they are clones, they are the age of the mother, so you can flip to flower as soon as they get a bit of size after cloning. For a set up for quantify and speed this is what I would do.


Oh read a bit about sea of green. That definitely seems to be the consensus and as far as I know is how most dispensaries maintain constant flow of consistently the same buds. I’ll definitely be giving that a try once I’ve got a little more experience under my belt.

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I’m trying again in 7 & 3 gals to see which works best, for me atleast…

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I would like to add take into consideration that 9 to 10 weeks seed to harvest is just a estimation. I have seen some auto take close to the same amount of time to finish as photos. Good luck with your new venture.


Meant to say Feminized photo plants instead of just photos for cloning. Any how it’s fun to try multiple methods and strains.

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Nothing wrong with trying anything. My personal opinion is that you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting to get 300 grams per plant in 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. I would expect that it would be more like 300 grams per m² if you had enough plants to have a full canopy when they start flowering. In a potted grow with 5 gallon pots I think it would be difficult. I would love to see you be successful though.

For what is worth, a 7-8 week flowering photo strain could be done in about 12 weeks. Couple of weeks isn’t a lot to have the security of controlled veg time. The others have great suggestions for running clones to shorten turn around times too.


I have my reservations for sure. I certainly don’t expect to get perfect results. And I, like you was sure that I had misunderstood the listing to mean /m2 and not per plant. But I took a look at the reviews, seems legit. It’s through seedsman, which from my understanding is reputable, and the breeder is fastbuds, who as the name would suggest, are breeders of fast high yielding strains. (Apparently, I’m only going on what others have said. I have yet to personally use seedsman, or fastbuds.)

if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. But it’s sure worth a shot with those numbers. (Especially with the amount of money I’m putting into this next grow, I’d like to get my investment back as quickly as possible. Lol)

And that’s a discussion I’ll have to start in another thread. I agree that having complete control is definitely the way to go. Helps you get the best out of your plant and get any kind of issues in check without it affecting the flower. But what I’m not sure of is what’s better for new growers?

I’ve heard arguments from both sides, that’s for newer growers autos are the way to go because in the opinion of some, they require a lot less work and attention. But I’ve also heard counter arguments in favor of photos,

The sea of green using clones is almost 100% the grow method I’ll be using in the future for my concentrates. Once I’m a little bit more skilled and confident in my cloning abilities. Also, I’d like to have a couple more tents and lights. A tent specifically for the mother plant, another for the clones, and then maybe one or two more for hobby grows to Let me practice my growing skills and play around with different methods and strains without risking my medical crops.

I gotta say though, I’m incredibly excited to get it all going. And thanks to everyone in the ILGM community who since I first joined a couple weeks ago, have been the biggest health and real treasure trove of knowledge. Looking forward to being a part of the cannabis growing hive mind that is this forum moving forward.


Let me know, if you have great success in those 3 gallons that might be the way to go, much easier to manage the soil.

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Thank you! Yeah I know it’s not going to be exact. But a guy can dream.

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