Pot size and how many plants?

I have a 1meter x 1meter grow area. How many plants should I plant and what size pots should I use?

It depends on your style of growing. You could grow many small single cola/top plants, or you could grow one huge trained plant with numerous colas/tops.

Well, experiment, experiment, experiment. Some like the S.O.G., I prefer to have fewer, well developed plants. I find I simply have better luck with girls that are allowed to develop more fully in the veg cycle. I love to prune and strip. But, that’s just me.
Pot size - again, depends. S.O.G. plants need little pots, maybe 1 gal. I use 3 gal smart pots indoors.
Just have fun with things. I mean, nobody is going to die, or get maimed if things don’t turn out perfectly. In my experience, every grow room is going to have slightly different ambient conditions, so you need to find out what works best at your place.




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