Pot gone to pot? Is this a Hermie?

Wow. I thought I was getting down the road to a small but pretty nice first grow harvest. Some nice colas working on 1 plant and others started on the second plant with scads of nice wite fuzz growing out everywhere. So today I watering and feeding, enjoing the skunk and smacking my lips thinking about a month or so down the road. Then I see something that un-nerves me badly and here is what I see.

Hopefully these pics show the nice evenly spaced protuberances going all way around this stem. Are these, Buddha, God, Odin, and Peiu-putu forbid, pollen sacs? If so sepuka definitely comes to mind I’ll just need a Second (sword provided).

From what I can tell, they sure look like female pre-flowers to me. The pics are a bit out of focus though.

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Yeah, those look like single calyxes, exactly like pre-flowers that have long dried up and kind of yellowed or browned as they die or dried up. So just female pre-flowers that have probably been there well before the true flowering started.

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Grassmater, MacG,

Thamks guys. I surely appreciate it. I guess I’m kinda Pre-K about this stuff so your patience and tutelege are priceless. It would have beem a myocardial infarction for me if that had turned out a hermie. This being my first grow it’s no where like World Class but I’m proud of it. Here’s what both plants actually look like starting week 6 of flower. The larger plantis quite a bit slower in bloom than the other but I think it’s coming along nicely. Now just to deecide when to harvest.

Again, I just can’t say thanks big enough.

Happy Toking!

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I couldn’t tell by the piks, buy Buys with better eyes gave you the thumbs up! Nice looking plant.

Those are some nice looking plants. It appears to me that they have a good month to go, maybe 5 weeks. They will really bulk up and put the weight on in that time. Can you see all the little crystals on the buds that look like shiny sugar? Well, when about half of the hairs on the buds begin to turn orange, brick red or brown in color it would be time to closely monitor those little crystal with a strong magnifying glass or a pair of jewelers loops. Look for them to first change from clear to cloudy and then to amber. Any of these changes mean harvest time. This is where personal choice comes in. Harvesting when they change to cloudy will make the buzz lean more toward a head high, effecting the body less. Harvesting when they change to amber will make the buzz lean more toward a body buzz; that “couch lock” stone. Harvesting between cloudy and amber will give you both a cerebral and physical buzz. I will point out that these different harvest points will make the buzz lean a certain way and will not change the characteristical buzz of that particular strain. For example, Sativas have a cerebral type of buzz and indicas have a heavy body buzz. If you are growing a sativa, enhance their characteristical buzz by harvesting them when the crystals turn cloudy. And likewise, harvest your indicas when they are turning amber to enhance that body buzz. Hope that helps a bit.

Grassmaster, thanks man. It helps immensely. But believe this or not I’ve never smoked enough to even know the differences in the buzzes. Remember, I spent 23 years as an Army Officer and helicopter pilot. By definition I had to be hard ass anti-drug, doling out pretty harsh punishments to soldiers in possession or using. I was also involved in quite a few missions in South America supporting “the war on drugs” there.

Now I need it for severe chronic pain, chronic insomnia and bi-polar depression. I did get a 1/2 oz. of medical stuff through a buddy a couple of months ago that did wonders. I lost track of the strains of these plants but all the seeds I started with listed those conditions. So some help with knowing what I’m looking for in terms of best treating those conditions would be tremendously helpful.

One more question, too. With the leaves yellowing so much and as much growing time as you indicated to go is it possible I’m under-feeding? I almost fried these very plants with nutrients very early on so I’ve been kinda frugal with the nutrients. I’ve been using a max feeding solution of 700 - 800 ppm of ILGM nutrients and feeding every 3rd day when the residual nutrients in the soil has been 150 +/-. Right now I’m using a mix of 25% Mass Builder and 75% Flower Booster. Next Tuesday will start week 7 of flower and going to 100% Flower for the rest of the grow. I know that the leaves wiil yellow more and more as the plants pull the nutrients, sugars, etc. out of them but are they too yellow too early.

Again, thanks to everyone for the fantastic help.

Peace and Happy toking.

I seemed to have overlooked your statement that you were in the sixth week of [I]flowering[/I]. You should only have a few weeks to go, in that case. Do not worry, the yellowing is fine, its not too early. I will say that the plant sitting in the black tray appears to be more in the beginning stages of flowering.

How long ago did you plant these seeds?

Grassmaster … much appreciate your responses to McChopper Pilot, as I planted WW and Super Silver Haze, so it looks like they will need to be harvested ay different times. I only grew WW last year so I’m anxious to try thr SSH.
BTW … ChopperPilot … Your plants look great!

It looks to be in flower a closer look would be better but other wise. The plant looks great.

B safe

If I have it right these two sprouted about Mar 17th. The little gals have had a pretty hard road. I started them in hydro, had some serious temp control issues leading to root rot. Finally I just yanked them out and plonked them into 3 gal soft pots of Super Soil and moved them in and out of the house. All strain information has been lost but I think the larger is a Critical ? an the smaller an Amnesia Haze. The flowering seems almost hung up on the big plant.

I’ll try to link to “Think I’m Cursed” thread in Indoor Grow that’s pretty much a photo history and timeline on these plants. The small plant is two limbed because the center stem died and left it just liked I had pruned it that way otherwise it would have been a nice plant for sure.

"Think I’m Cursed

Thanks, MT1.

As I told Grassmaster the’ve definitely been An Adventure in Growing. I just hope the flowering picks up on that larger plant it’s starting to get into grasshopper and Lady Bug season around here. We schlep them in and out on 12/12 light schedule but that won’t stop the friking bugs.

Back again with this trouble child plant.

The larger plant has just flat ass quit flowering. It has the clusters of fan leaves at the top of the limbs you would associate with colas forming but just scattered flowers in them. The smaller plant finished and was havested about 2 weeks ago putting this gal at 14 weeks after starting 12/12 light cycle. This plant has plenty of clear trichomes on the scattered flowers but is not producing any new white hairs and all the old ones are long since browned and gone. The plant is suppesed to be a Critical + AK47 but as this is 1/2 of my first grow I know nothing really about it. Because early-on near death experiences for both plants I had to jerk them out of hydro and slapped them into 3 gal soft pots so come flowering time and 12/12 light schedule we had to cycle them inside and outside of a blacked out 1/2 bathroom for the 12 hours of darkness. Right now the plant is chest high sitting in the pot and has a stem as big around as your thumb.

I actually couldn’t keep enough water to this behemoth in the 3 gal pot and the lower leaves really started yellowing so I plonked it into a 5 gal soft pot. It immediately greened back up and is sucking down 2 - 2 1/4 gal of water daily in 90 - 100F days we have been having.

Can anybody define a course of action from here? Should I continue with 12/12 lighting or just toss the thing into the backyard and see what happens? OR do I just save the damn thing for use as a Christmas tree?

Peace! Toke 'em if you’ve got 'em.

Can you posts pic’s would help

B Safe

Hiya, Will. Thanks for the reply.

Man this plant really has me banging my head on the wall. Lets start with a pic or 2 from 2 weeks ago.

These pics were taken just a few minutes ago. I stood a yard stick in the middle of the plant to give a feel for the size of the thing. It looks as if it is forming nice big colas but I lack the expertise to tell for sure. There’s some yellowing leaves but the thing is still growing and it looks as if there’s both mature flowers and pre-blooms, believe it or not, in the colas. It does seem as if there was more trichomes, all were clear, 2 weeks ago.

I do solicit any and all comments/recommendations that I can get on this. Nature just shouldn’t toss such a puzzler to a total novice grower. I just hope that there will be nice sticky, stinky nuggs to fill the monster colas out.

Thanks for all the help and Happy Toking everyone.


I’m revisiting the posts on this particular plant. Could you review the later posts and pics and give me a little insight?

This animal has been on 12/12 light schedule for almost 15 weeks now the other plant was harvested 3 weeks ago. It’s a real poser and I’ve gotten to the point of nothaving a clue of what to do with it. I don’t want to put anymore time and effort into it if it’s a dead end, you know. I’m hoping to get opinions from Latewood and MacG as well.

Thanks, man.

Sorry if I hadn’t already mentioned this @mchopperpilot, but some sativa genetics can contribute to a plant that just doesn’t want to finish at a 12/12.

It stays in a perpetual phase of budding, or pre-budding. This might be what is going on in this case. If this is the case, you might want to lengthen the dark period to 13 or 14 hours.

Hope this helps,


You know anything has to be on the helping side, MacG. Otherwise the plant is a lost cause. The info on CR+ shows it to be about even steven Indica/Sativa and an outdoor flowering time of ~56 days. It does have a nice amout of sugar leaves and clear trichomes… Oh, well, it’s been a crazy plant from the get go.

Thanks for the help, man. I’ll try the longer dark hours. And, as I said, if nothing else I’ll keep it growing and use it for a Christmas Tree. That should get a comment or two from friends and family, huh? :smiling_imp:

Peace, Bro, and keep on toking!!

There’s always the Christmas tree option … that cracked me up!