Pot for pot transplant

So I have a plant that I started back in august, it is established and growing well but it’s growing in some random dirt I already had-no nutrients or special soil, just dirt, water, and light. I ordered the small pot since I only have the one plant. I’m not even sure if it a male or female at this point🥴

Question is can I transplant the plant into the new soil and what not and which steps should I skip if any if I’m following the pot for pot directions

This is my first attempt at growing my own plant

Is this plant in bloom or still in veg?

Transplanting should be fine as long as your plant is healthy and no pests. That is unless its blooming. In that case transplanting is doable but at considerable risk if not done exactly right. If not blooming though just transplant as normal and feed the plant a round of veg nutes at no more than 1/2 strength to see how your plant responds

It doesn’t have buds yet

As long as you are careful to not disturb or damage the root system all should be fine. Make sure to give it some nutes but at reduced strength. Maybe even 1/4 strength from what is directed by manufacturer

Your plant looks plenty healthy. Is this pic after transplant?

I am using the kit from a pot for pot

Nope, just as it is now

Ok good good. When you transplant make sure to fill your pot as full as possible without it going over the top. Need as much room possible to grow roots as well as plant above the soil. Also make sure to keep it deep in the soil like it is now so it don’t want to fall over

That’s a good looking kit. I’m not familiar with it myself but @Covertgrower may know someone who is. I’m sure you’ll be safe to follow the instructions as given.

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Thanks for the input-I’ve been waiting patiently for this kit, hopefully it does as well as it has been :crossed_fingers:

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I haven’t used this kit, but it’s add water only.

I just switched it to its new soil, I had no idea the roots would have spread that much … hopefully I didn’t harm it and it thrives in its new home. I still don’t know the sex though, it’s driving me crazy that I can’t tell🤬

Probably about tbe next node of growth, it will show sex. Was this a regular seed?

Not a clue, it was just a random seed I found in my last purchase

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