Pot for Pot my 2nd grow

Pot for Pot is trying to get pictures of their stuff in action so here is my second grow.

Ak47 ilgm veterans day drop.
After day in water Pot for Pot seeds starting jiffy pot. Ph 7-7.5

temperature 69 f
Rh 52%
I don’t remember what else from cut and paste.


You need to drain that water out of that. Get your ph down some too. You want a moist area for the seed. You can drown them


Agreed and great advice hornhead.

Call a lifeguard! Your seeds are drowning!!!


Say aloe to

my little friend!
I have been looking for this to go clearance since Halloween. Everyone says use aloe when you accidentally supercrop or are taking cuttings and this pot is so cute.


Ak47 still hasn’t found down so I’m starting a gold leaf.

I also got the sample kit from nectar for the gods, that will be my next grow.

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Ak47 is still having trouble finding up.

so I’m starting gold leaf.


Gold leaf is fired up

strawberry tart was started at same time as ak47 obviously Pot for Pot is better than aero garden. Fortunately northern lights has proved concept enough to justify qb board.


Lst and gl is going strong

You’re doing something wrong my friend. Those plants should be 8x bigger than that

Probably lights, I just needed to prove the concept to justify $$$ for good lights.

gold leaf topped let’s see what we can do.

Bouncing back from top.

Said top a successful clone

Now trying supercroping.

1st world grow problem, have your nodes been so close together that you can’t pinch the stems?

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So in addition to bouncing right back I buried it in a few more pebbles.

So if you read my 1st grow I am coming to a screeching halt.

I am growing for my aunt who has cancer. I wasn’t sure about the legal issues when she died, but figured I’m such small fri it didn’t matter.
This weekend while I was on a boy scout camp out she passed. My husband smashed my pots and burned my seed stash, and when I came home said if I grow again he’ll call the police and divorce me from jail.
The clone here was camouflaged by its neighbors tomato and pumpkin so survived. I want to finish it so I get some fruits of my labor but I am very worried.


For me, it wouldn’t be worth the drama. It won’t be camouflaged for long.

wow. he must be really old school.

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His mother seems trapped in the '50s so he has his moments even though he works in the tech industry.

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Late reply… I’m sorry to hear about your Aunty!

Thank you

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