Pot for a pot with hogmaster

I’m doing a grow in the pot for a pot I have doing one gold leaf auto ! The box came with 2 bags of super soil 2 blocks of coco bag of perlite some goodies to add and a pot I will be growing this outside see how it pans out in super soil pics to come


Awsome intrested I’n watching

If you dont mind taking pictures of the layering mixing of soil ect I’m intrested in getting a pot for pot for my dad


Yep, I’ve been thinking of gifting one of these to a family member.

Please keep us updated!


Seen it a little late but it’s 2 bags of the super soil they provide

and coco with 1-1/2 gallons of water do this separate add perlite then add to the top of the super soil that you put in the pot first they have it with very easy directions


And here we are 2 days after I transplanted I did still do the solo cup instead of what they sent

gold leaf auto :wink:


What size pot is that? Are u going to transplant?

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@Hogmaster any updates? Curious to see how’s she is coming.


Probably a 5 or 7 gal and won’t need transplanting. If last update was over 30 days ago, I would assume the girl has been in preflower for a bit or she is in full flower now

Let’s see it!


Im using pot for pot for my first grow, and most likely stick with a pot for pot. They seem to have a really good kit and expansion kit, Im very impressed. So far everything is looking awesome. I been in and out of the hospital for awhile “liver problems”, and I know I will again soon, although I always end up getting out in time to check on my plants, water etc, I dont have time to experiment with different soils and nutes and such. Pot for pot has the kit, and so far my two plants are thriving strong. Instructions are easy to follow, I just have a tendency to get overly analytical. Northern lights auto… Anyway, Im happy…! Photo is week 3… Results like this, yeah, Im sticking with these guys for a good long time…



I was not a big fan unfortunately had high hopes I can buy 10 fabric pots soil and nutrients for the same cost as getting one pot for a pot might get 6-8g off the auto I did

goldleaf auto and it was outdoor did nothing to it . It is pretty nice purple colors


Thanks for giving it a shot and posting results anyway buddy.


I’m going to try a fem now It really didn’t even get into the super soil but we will try a fem and see