Pot committed: Plants too close in one large pot

Hello - I am new to the forum and this is my first grow in over 20 years. I am using a Tolys 1000w LED and an old school 315 HPS for lighting in a 4x4x7 grow box in my garage - 19hr on/5 off schedule since seedlings. Grow medium is black soil+much+tiny pebble river rock. Large planter has holes drilled into it all over and many holes at the bottom. Using FloraGrow x 1 week. Plants are on week 4 under lights and week 5 from bag seedlings (all kindbud medical grade hybrids that are sativa dominant). My questions:

  1. I have about 15 plants in the one large planter and I am beginning LST with a net. I have not spotted any males yet, about 4-5 suspect or possibly herme. I know this is dumb - but I am stuck with it now (I thought 1/2 would not make it, and half would be male leaving me with 3 or 4 ladies to care for…). What should I do now to maximize yield? Should I thin out the small plants? Let then all ride? I have plenty of air circulating and a 6inch carbon scrubber.Should I add more dirt and cover up the bottom of stocks with bud nods already forming? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have not flipped them yet, but the bud nodes are more developed than what I remember from the early 80’s (last time I had a victory garden). Do these look like they might be autoflowering?
  3. If they are not - do they look ready to slowly transition to 12/12?
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Than likely they’re just pre flowers. Flip them any time.
Happy growing.

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Appreciate the feedback. I am use to pre flowers not forming until after flipping.

Does anyone have experience with overcrowding and maximizing yield? I am on the fence with killing a few of the little ones to provide more room for bud development, or leaving them as is since I am LST with a net as soon as I flip them in about a week. And if no experience - any educated guesses?

Follow up: Here are the ladies 5 weeks under lights - 7 weeks from seedling. Girls seem to be thriving in one giant pot, grown in soil. Just into week 1 of fading towards 12/12. I wanted to link to another thread on this forum, but can’t find it…, that posted some articles on how plants share a beneficial fungus or bacteria and single pant per pot may maximize light to lower branches, but raising our girls in “isolation” per pot may be a mistake.

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Here are the girls, two weeks into 12/12. Any recs from the pic? Should I start to cut off some of the big sugar leaves? Any opinion on trimming up the lower 1/4 of plant to stems?
Recap: Bag seeds, soil/river rock/mulch/coffee grounds/dried egg shells, bag seeds - mostly sativa dominant, under HPS 315watt and two LEDs 600W and 1000W. C02 DIY yeast/sugar. 4x4x6 grow box. There are about 10 plants in one large planter…


Close up of developing bud.



  1. Hard to spot hermies that show up anytime through the grow process. Not a problem for ID males, but early spotting of herms is hard with all in one pot.
  2. Hard to early detect soil/fungas nats. Treated with dish soap, oil, and chilli powder - mixed with water and sprayed on nats in soil. Added fly/nat sticky trap to pot.

Grow journal note: Don’t make big adjustments too quickly solve a problem. Fast solutions often cause another problem. Treated soil fungus nats with oil/dish soap/chili powder spray on top nats and left fan blowing on dirt during 12 hr lights off. Fan leaves windburned. Interesting - all plants are sativa hybrid but one species was much more sensitive to wind burn.