Pot color or smart pots


Does pot color make a big difference have new 5 gal pots white or should I invests in smart pots


I used the big pots for my outdoor grow last year. I did spray paint the pots “camo” green so they would blend in with the weeds and foliage near them. My “camo” was very successful as no one saw my plants and they were practically in plain sight.



Welre your pots the smart or plastic.
I am leaning toward the smart pots my self. I like the fact that more air gets to the roots

And Iceberg…how’s it going buddy?
Color don’t matter, unless your trying to hide them as MT1 was doing and the smart pots …I hear nothing but good things from people useing them nothing bad at all and it makes sense too use them.

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What’s up thks for the shout out…1 thing I did notice that when I transplanted when I took my baby’s from there plastic starter pot which I keep outside and went to massage the roots for transplant to smart pot notice roots extremely warm I assume using smart pots will help with heat a great deal…P.S. make sure to get the ones with handles wish I had of all this bending is a bit much lol


You know I’ve seen them on Amazon. Ya that would make more sense to have. But with the correct soil the plants should do much much better.
So you like the smart pots better than. The plastic ones?

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Yes even when I determined my male and took out of 5 gallon plastic bucket it was root bound and it was 47" tall so I wonder if in smart pot how much taller it might have got since smart pots are suppose to prevent that hmmmmm


Maybe I should look into the seven gal ones to start with. Can’t have them get root bound. That will just defeat the perpise of it growing to full potential. But shell that plantvofyours was four ft. He’ll ya…lol

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Now thats what I’m talk’n about…lol
If you had that in a 7 gal smart pot hell 5 foot or better…you think?



I think I would want the 7 gallon smart pot too. I’m using 8 gallon plastic pots painted camo green and a couple of my plants are already 6 feet tall.

Iceberg … your plant is lovely.



Ok can’t grow that tall. I am a indoor grower. But i figure 7 gal will give the roots plenty of room to spread out.
Item changing everything lights…done…soil.next pot…next after soil …heat was my biggest enemy.

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Same here 4 5ft my max small tent but takin advantage of this heat wave so been takin them outside 8am before work home by 7 so I can flower my test plant so far I’m my own timer


I am to. I just can’t figure out how to set the dam timer. I must have 4 or 5 timers…want one…lol
Now I have a remote control one but I still check to make sure…don’t figure any way off to wake the ladies.

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