Posting my guide

Is it ok to post my guide to sick plants?
It is very large and has pictures
I believe it will help all of us.
I can send it to the front office for approval or to who ever decides



Well this is a late answer, and as you know; This is a guide you found online; Right? Would it not be prudent to give the original author some credit?

yes and thank you for that. I didn’t know if it would be ok ok to do so.
But I will for now on Thank You


Am new to the sight and can’t figure out how to post a question. Any help out there?

Start off by selecting a category on the main page.

Then select a sub category, select a topic that closely matches your inquiry or go to the bottom of the page and select the highlighted section in the text: “There are no more [whatever sub category you are in]. Why not create a topic?”