Post transplant to outdoors now flopping over

So 2 days ago, I transplanted 4 seedlings out to a bed I prepared with Happy Frog. I started them indoors in small pots sitting in an open window (most of the day) and took them outside daily after they started showing true leaves. I waited to transplant to outside until they all had 3 sets of true leaves and were looking pretty strong. Yesterday (post 24 hours ) they looked good. This morning 3 of them are flopped over on the ground and limp. Before moving them I watered the bed they’d be living in pretty well. I didn’t water after transplanting until the 24 hour mark then I gave a tiny tase of Fox Farm Grow Big and a little bit of water. Of course it’s rainy today, I’ve got them propped up as best I can against some popsicle sticks and moved more soil up around the main stems to prop 'em up a bit. I also put a cut off plastic bottle over them with the top off to protect them some. I’m really open to any suggestions. Am I just out of luck with these? Again, I’d truly appreciate any ideas or help


I think after they dry out, they’ll take off. They’re just a little water logged right now. They may also have a little transplant shock.
If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Welcome to the community and Happy growing. :seedling:


Thanks so much. Gonna keep a close eye on em for a bit and keep the hose off

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What are your temp under the sun ? Is it really hot ? Is it under direct sunlight ?

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High temp the past few days has been low 60s. The low has been 50. I’ve got them blocked from direct by some big trees. I’d call it partial sun from sunrise to set. I set up a couple blocks of wood to act as a wind break.

It’s looks good :relieved:, just a lil tired from transplant, should come back , try to have them bigger before transplant next time to avoid hard shock

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I agree too that will bounce back. Soil was probably overly saturated, and you always want to pre moisten, but not saturate the soil, before transplant and then immediately water them lightly to close in the gaps in the soil. Shouldn’t be able to see the transplant line like that, extra transplant stress. Just good things to know for the future. Remember don’t overboard with nutes right away, since that fresh happy frog you plopped them into could feed them for a month indoors. Longer outdoors. With no need for extra. Less is more, especially outdoors.
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Thanks Budz! I’ll def lay off the nutrients for a while too. I went out this morning and took the covers off of em to help dry em a bit. We’ll see what that does. There’s a little rain in the forecast for tomorrow but it should dry out after that. Fingers crossed