Post Cardio surgery and herb (vaping)


I have had a cardiac stent fitted, my Doc said to quit the doobies, and I started vaping with his OK

Are there any STENT folk out there who would care to exchange info/experience ?


Pax 3 Dry Herb Vape
Pax 3 Dry Herb Vape

I’ll try to do a little more research on this for you. I’m not certain but my thoughts are that carbon monoxide is a vasoconstrictor. To my knowledge, vaping doesn’t produce CO and smoking does. You obviously do not want to constrict your coronary arteries especially if you’ve had a stent placed. I’m curious to know what other reasons there may be. I’m an RN that worked on a cardiac floor for 15 years. This is probably why I’m determined to get your answer. From what I’ve gathered there really needs to be a lot more research on the subject of cardiovascular health and cannabis.
Here’s a video and an article that may interest you.


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hey fyi save your toasted herb from your vape sessions and make edibles with it like cookies or add it to peanit butter for a pb&j. the heating doesnt clear all the goodies from the herb so dont throw it away!!


what a drag it is getting old (jagger/richards).
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Edibles is definitely something you may want to look into. I just recently started making them for me. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since a toddler.
Lymphoma, brain tumor and glaucoma D/T biologic medications for the rheumatoid arthritis (JRA/RA) I noticed much better pain relief but I’m curious as to how much it will help. The CBD is of great medical benefit and is mostly burned off and no good when smoked. I just harvested my second Northern lights autoflower ! I love the taste and the buzz. Those statins (Atorvastatin) can have some harsh side effects. Be sure you do a little reading on that it. I can’t preach better diet to you nor would I here :joy: my diet is terrible. I really think marijuana has a lot more medical benefits than we know. Hopefully once the feds hop aboard and legalize it, more medical research on it could be funded. And I’ll let you know what more I find out on cardiac benefits of vaping vs smoking marijuana :v::green_heart:


Thank you, I should have mentioned that the Atorvastain 10mg is one every 48 hrs at my insistence andI have a liver function test twice a year …I hate the Statins with a vengeance ! the UK Govt would like anyone over 50 to take them !


I recommend you use edibles or you can buy 000 pill cases and fill them with decarbed weed and get the meds that way. I have really bad lower back problems and smoking just didn’t get the job done relieving pain. I do like to smoke every once in awhile. I need the heavy body high from edibles.


Don’t know anything about health wise but that da Vinci ascent is a nice unit. I have one and have tried a couple different dry herb vapes and this is by far the best.


Vaping herb gives off the vapor and not Carbon Monoxide, which is caused by burning the herb/weed, which kills us humans slowly but surely.
The Ascent is pretty cool but the batteries fail slowly over time, I guess that’s why they give it a 2 year guarantee, it is very important to register your purchase with Da Vinci and keep your receipt in a safe place in case you need to exchange it ( make sure you check its battery performance after a year or so. They are very reasonable and have exchanged mine already due to battery dropoff.
Also it is fabulous to smoke hashish with…mmmmm :peace_symbol:

Hopefully ! ILGM will market a model …I for one would trust/buy one from Mr Bergmjan & Co

here is the scary info on CO (carbon monoxide) : best to VAPE !

Carbon monoxide also binds to other molecules such as myoglobin and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase. Exposures to carbon monoxide may cause significant damage to the heart and central nervous system, especially to the globus pallidus,[37]often with long-term chronic pathological conditions. Carbon monoxide may have severe adverse effects on the fetus of a pregnant woman.[38]



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