Possible to produce one flower/bud a day w/ autoflowering seeds?


I’m new to this, really green, you might say :o) Am still gathering information. So, far, I understand some patients plant one autoflowering seed each day in a cup in their closet to grow one flower/bud after 30 days. That’s apparently what I need, one flower a day, no more, as I am only interested in the medical value. I don’t know which strain, yet. Seeds seem very expensive so planting one seed a day seems like a very costly way to achieve my daily dose. This person never went into details but I am willing to face the expense of a grow tent, lighting, etc, if necessary. I also need to go to a lawyer and find out what sort of penalty there is should I get caught. I’m keeping it quiet.


You can find your own states laws and penalties online if your in the United States


@groomah Auto flower plants still take 10 weeks or so to produce “good” medical grade buds. You could trim a bud early, but it’s not going to be what you’re looking for medically. I’m certainly no expert on autos, but I do grow them and they aren’t ready in 30 days for sure. They also are lower in THC and CBD than regular plants.

This Amnesia Haze is about 30 days old and the flower is no where near ready.


Download the free grow bible from this sight… :wink:

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I agree with @peachfuzz. I read and reread the whole thing a few times before even soaking a seed. Best thing I ever did. I probably saved myself a dozen simple mistakes just by reading the grow bible.


I have already read the law in my state but I understand the law is lax
when it comes to medical users vs recreational smokers. One does not find
this sort of information written into state laws. So, I figured I need to
ask a lawyer.

Thank you for what you shared, though. regarding strains. I’m like a
sponge, right now, in regard to any information I can get my hands on. I do
have the Grow Bible downloaded already but am not ready to move forward,
yet, so haven’t studied it until I know what strain I should be using to
cover my medical needs. I will keep the information you shared with me on
file, nevertheless.

Do you know of a medical expert in dosing who would be able to give me
direction in regard to what strain and ratio of CBD to THC I should get?. I
know if I do the THC, it will be the THCA (fresh plant, not dried or heated
at any point)

I hope everyone else who responded sees this. I appreciate you all!!



I have downloaded the Grow Bible but have not read it, in full, yet. I need
to find out what strain I should be growing, first.

Not sure what the wink means. Or the “sunglasses”.

I realize you are just having fun with me. No problem. I can stand a little
levity at this point!! Just don’t understand the joke. I told you I was
really green. :o)



I think peachfuzz was not doing that… :+1:
Is important to read that grow Bible, there you will find how to start, grow and harvest your med’s. Also you can check this,


@groomah,saundra, if you would like to try a autoflower and would like to have a flower every day…
might i suggest you try white widow first… easy to grow,the seeds are cheap,and it is great medicine.
so you want a flower a day?
i suggest you grow the min of two plants at a time,when these are ready to harvest have two more seedlings ready!
you will need 3 months min until first harvest but after the first one,the second will not seem near as long to become ready…
good luck dear,if you need any more help just tag me @BIGE
@peachfuzz was just using emoji’s… no joking
for instance, when i see a bud i really like i post…’‘that looks :fire: :wink:’’ no joke just using them to express my feelings about the bud…lol


thanks for the input. As for the “sunglasses” I received the word sunglasses in the email, not the emoji, itself. Emojis I understand, wasn’t sure about the words.

I put your advice on file. I will contact the person who did the research and see what Cannabis combination they used on the mice. I need to contact the doctor at Hebrew University in Israel, too, who is doing work with Cannabis and the liver. Gotta get my facts straight and then make a decision doing the best I understand to do. What more can anyone do?!!