Possible that my sour diesel is ready to harvest after only 7 weeks?

My sour diesel started flowering 2nd week of august and is looking milky, ready, I even see some amber trichomes and I don’t want a majority of that. Any indication I’ve read for sour diesel is that a November harvest is normal. I grow outside in containers. We’ve had periods of intense heat over the season here in NY state and lots of rain of late. I have them under cover because I’m worried about rot but they look good. Has any one come across earlier than normal harvests?

Just go by the color of the trichs on the buds. If you feel it’s time to harvest, then harvest. Don’t go by what the seed description says.

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Are you checking the tricomes on the bud or on the sugar leaves? The sugar leaves mature faster than the buds. Can you post a pic of whole plant



Im certainly looking at the sugar leaves when I’m looking at trichomes. I’m always going for an energetic high so I guess I’m just feeling extra cautious. This is my 4th grow and first 2 went too long.

Make sure you check the trichs on the buds, not the leaves.


From what i can see its almost done

Trichomes don’t lie. Plus, if you’re hearing “November”, what latitude is that at? North of you will be earlier, south of you will be later.

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good point. I’ve only read general descriptions. A number of them mention a later harvest

The type of high is going to be determined mainly by the genetics. For example, if you let Durban Poison go long and get mostly amber, it’s still not going to be like a Granddaddy Purple high or whatever. It looks great :+1:

It’s very possible that there will be a second surge of bud growth. I’m growing 2 sour d’s. One has some amber in the 10 gal grow bag. The one in the 20 has no amber. Last year several plants had that second surge. Weather here in Colorado has been similar to yours and I think the heat effected growth during vegging. You know at least it’s not getting late. I read the little harvest statement saying early Nov. Probably an average for american grower. It’s been a week now did you see new bud growth? I’m just concerned cause I’ve jumped the gun more than once.

Haven’t noticed any new growth. I have the same situation where one plant is definitely behind the other. But I am not planning on waiting till November. Doesn’t matter what you grow. If you harvest late it’s always the same. Weather cool and gray here pretty consistently now. My 4th year growing and certainly the most challenging.