Possible Sun Damage

I am growing outside and just today I noticed one of my plants turning a shade of yellow. It looked fine yesterday, today I watered straight water and calmag. Upon further inspection I noticed what appear to be spider mites. Can these turn the plant this shade yellow so rapidly? It was also a pretty hot day today here hitting 97* could it just be heat stress? The other 2 plants next to it looks fine.

Dang 97* that’s really hot. Probably didn’t help for sure

Rootbound from the looks of it. The soil looks mighty dry in that pic.

That’s a deficiency could be from many things need more info like when did you last feed are you phing soil type none of what you listed would cause yellowing like that except maybe the spider mites I’ve never had them so idk about that my tent has been in 100s for a whole grow went just fine

Don’t think it’s root bound it’s a fabric pot will automatically air prune roots

Dig the dirt up under it throws some good dirt supersoil etc in that mix it up and cut the bottom of the bag in an x shape and stick the bag back over the hole and watch her go

The soils is FF Ocean Forest and topped with some Harvest Chicken manure to fill the last couple inches in the bag. Feeding the FF trio every other watering, watering every other day using cal mag on the non FF trio days.

I watered yesterday morning and those pics were taken that afternoon. Should I be watering every day now with the heat?

If I cut an x in the bottom of the bag won’t the roots just be dangling in the air off the bench?

Is that a lot of nutes or would ffof have been depleted by this point and the extra nutes are needed? I’m still learning and not questioning the poster’s efforts

I just don’t know how much is too much I’m sure I’d need ppm readings to rely on

I was worried about that before starting the FF trio but this is day 53 from seeds for reference if it’s relevant information to anyone.

Yeah I honestly don’t know, it seems like at that size and age, it would need added nutes, I just wondered if the chicken sh*t and nutes was making the soil hot. Hope not. Do you take readings on ppm and ph?

Could definitely be heat I suppose I just don’t know

If they grow in Afghanistan I’d think they can handle some heat but that is almost definitely oversimplifying a complex situation

I have been giving them nutes for about 2 weeks now and they have been doing great. Just last night that one plant seemed to turn on me over night. All water is Ph’d but I am not taking any ppm readings.

Yeah without that you won’t know if too hot

From what I have read, it creeps up on you, in other words the things you did a few days ago or a week ago you see the effects of now, so if at first nutes seemed fine they had not built up but now perhaps they have

Again this is pure speculation on my part and I’m completely new at this so it’s only food for thought, NOT advice

Don’t you have a moisture meter? They aren’t expensive, I have two and use them every day. Have had some plants outdoors in 100 degree heat, one has yellowed lower leaves but the rest are all green.

No I don’t, the ones I have seen in Amazon have terrible reviews of people calling them junk so I never got around to ordering one.

Do u have a ph and ppm meter.

Yes I have a PH meter and I have a EC tester.

Do you have pictures of the spider mites

Yeah spider mites all those white dots , look under the leaves

Can be spider I just take one spider net and this how she look

And my opinion the leaf down maybe she need water