Possible slow growth

Hey guys this is my first grow in 20 years and I never went to flower with the other one. I remember my old plants that were under flouresants growing like weeds lol but I know have a 600 watt full spectrum led and been under light for 3 weeks and they seem so tiny . I gave them nutrients the first week which was a mistake so I flushed the soil and I recently decided to let the pots get a little dryer before watering that’s why the too of the soil looks a little crusty . The soil is super airy and springy it’s happy Brook . I added no fertilizer firstly into the mix but sprayed liquid fertilizer the first week like I previously said. I feel like there way behind. The strain is bakerstreet I believe by tweed.! I’m waiting on a ph tester but for now I’m using either bottled distilled water or tap that is Brita filtered because online it said it will bring ph within 6 and 6.515606951509086508459761743971514|375x500 .

When did u transplant to the pots they r in? They stall sometimes to built and work on their roots

These are the original pots they were seeded in they had a 1 inch taprooot when planted and came up fine but seems like such slow growth

Seem a bit behind. I took these this morning before transplant and there about 10 days old. There’s a detailed set of questions to fill out I’ll tag someone who has it and they can help @imSICKkid @Jbum

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They dont seem behind to me. When are you transplanting them?

Wow yours are way bigger that’s kind of depressing lol I don’t know what can be doing wrong

Even my leaves are so tiny compared to yours my is an indica I’m guessing that’s why. Mine’s like miniature lol. The ones I have are photoperiod are yours autos?

Two of those are Indica. The two biggest ones actually.

I thought you were asking about your plants you pictured. My bad, so many threads its confusing sometimes. Yeah that plants above is pretty slow. All the growth is more than likely under the ground because of how much room they have in those containers.

Oh no. I was wondering lol. I’ve seen you post that question form few times why I tagged you. I don’t have it.

2 are autos the 2 Green Crack. The 2 bigger ones are Purple Reign photos.

Do you think that’s the problem ? So if I wait they should eventually get a good root ball and blow up?

Yeah they should. I dont see any reason why they wouldn’t. You can buy all the nicest lights and tents but you can’t buy patience haha they will explode one day soon, just keep them healthy

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Thanks for the help . Glad I picked this forum . I’ll keep everyone updated if these runts turn into giants

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hey everybody just wanted to give a update. i ended up buying some new soil and peralite and making a new medium. i took the plants out of the old soil and placed them in the new soil. i also bought some general hydroponics nutes and my plants are finally growing. i ordered some girl scout cookies and got some free poison skunk and grand daddy kush and m39 with the order so im going to use my new found knowledge and make a bigger crop.


Looks good man! I’d start off with about 1/3 of the recommended feeding. Don’t want to nute burn them especially with your new soil. If you transplant them I would water them in first and let them get settled in their new pots before you feed

Hope they take off bud