Possible seedling issue

Not sure if this is normal or maybe I’m just over reacting. Got a little bit of yellow on my new seedling leaves. They are just over a week old. Should I be concerned or do I need to change something?

I door 3x3x6 tent.
Viperspectra Reflector series 900V light.
The light is hanging 44” above top of seedlings.
Temp is about 78-80 degrees.
Humidity is around 60.
I’ve been watering with distilled water which is 6.5PH
No nutrients
Soil is Fox Farm Happy Frog.

Let me know if any other info is needed to help narrow down a cause.

New growth is light green almost yellow.

Soil looks wet: best to place a clear dome over seedlings and mist inside of dome twice a day with distilled water for 2 weeks then transplant. Seedlings derive all of their moisture from the air until a taproot develops FYI.


Thanks for the fast reply. They are auto flowering seeds and I read I could plant them in their final location which I did, so they won’t be getting transplanted. I just did a slight misting around the bottom of their stems before the pic, otherwise I think they should be getting correct amount of water.

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Good luck

Have you counter check the ph of your water with a ph meter? I say this because i wanted to use a distilled water bottle with 6ph and it was at 7.8 so i switched to bottled spring water with root farm ph downer to 6.2ph. I’m not an expert but for what i had read to now is that ph is important and be sure not to overwater!!! For now i water maybe every 2 days while checking with my soil moist meter when it hit the dry section. Keeping rh to 70-90%.and to finish my light was at 14’’-18’’ height but it is a cheap light hope it gave you some tricks