Possible polyploid!?

I started a thread a few weeks asking about the possible sex of a plant I have. Fast forward and it looks like i have a possible polyploid. Slym3r was the one to possibly identify it. It finally showed female after 24 days in flower today. Yay! I just wanted to post a few pics of it to see if anyone else has ran across this mutation. I just don’t know what to do with it at this point. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks grow gang!

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It’s difficult to tell since I can’t see the stem structure.

I had some orange barb seeds a few years ago that have all been polyploids. Stuff grows from everywhere on them and they grow really dense.

You’ll have to keep on top of the plant and keep it trimmed if it is a polyploid to keep it from choking itself to death. They really put out a lot of foliage.

My polyploids all produced massive amounts of weed for a single plant. I gave most of what I grew away. I just didn’t like the smoke. Others really seemed to have liked it though.

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Here are some pics of the structure of one of my polyploids. Stuff growing out of everywhere.

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I actually read all of your thread on those. Very interesting plant for sure! I have one good side pic, but I’m going to do some pruning on it tonight and will be able to see more. Ill get another pic then. Im not sure of the strain unfortunately. It was in a bag of ww photos and looked different even then. It was obvious something was off with it upon breaking ground. Thank you for you help and I will keep this updated as she goes!

Cleaned her up pretty thoroughly tonight. Still so much left but didn’t want to stress her too much. We’ll see!

Check out this cluster i so hesitantly had to chop😪

Definitely has the same “celery” stalk as your pics. Such a cool plant!

Yes, this one certainly looks like a polyploid.

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How weird is this!?

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A whole new set growing out of a fan leaf base. So weird

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Haha. I’ve seen that a few times. I saw one pic posted here that had a small bud growing out of that area.

So, since fostering out polly to my son, I haven’t got to see much. He sent some pics, albeit with the blurple on. I informed him that its just downright awful to look at those pics. Figured I’d share anyways…

She’s looking great! He is going to take her out of the tent and get some better pics at lights on. Ill post when I get them. It looks like the polyploid mutation has toned down a bit. Not sure if its a perpetual thing or just during certain times of the life cycle. Will be interesting to see what happens by choppy time.

I’m glad he was able to finish it off for me. I had no more room. Plus his first attempt went all male. This will give him a chance to finish a whole grow(harvest,dry,cure). Gotta keep that next gen of growers going! Hes 4th gen BTW. So proud!

@MidwestGuy sorry, still learning how to tag…


She’s coming along nicely! And weird as heck too!

I am close to harvest with all the other babies from that batch. She looks like she still has a lot of time left though

Oh my! She has done amazing!