Possible PH or K deficiency?


Hey all. So, my second grow has been fantastic compared to my first. This is about 12 days from the start of germination. Yesterday I started to notice a tad of yellowing on the edge of the leaves. After looking at some documents, it seems as though this may be a K deficiency or PH imbalance. I have all the required nutes, as well as PH up/down available to hopefully fix the issue. But has anyone experienced similar results at about week 2? My tap water is exactly 7 straight out of the sing (lucky me I suppose) Honestly, I have only watered this once because the soil is still lightly damp about one inch down. I am thinking at the 2 week mark I start with a light nute watering. Anyone’s thoughts on this? Thank you again for the help!


@kyberky s is more likely to be a touch of nutrient burn instead of a deficiency. She’s looking great.


What’s the grow medium?


looks good to me @kyberky, but don’t take my word for it, mine still have the first round leaves on it lol welcome to the forums and congrats on getting thru the first grow. yep 2nd should always be easier than the first as long as you’re paying attention to what’s going on. good luck on the rest of your grow, i’ll be following along about a week or two behind ya.


@kyberky If you have only watered once in the first 12 days. are you using a humi- dome type device or is water standing in cup… just a thought. the leaves look plump imho.


Your plant doesn’t have a deficiency at that stage. The cots will provide everything it needs for now. I’d suspect the others are right, potentially little higher nutrient charge in your grow medium.

You may have over watered a bit. They don’t need a lot at this stage.


@kyberky ,

First "WELCOME TO ILGM " and to our awesome COMMUNITY.
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Ok with that being said,

Don’t feed that seedling anything ok not until that seedling has 5 or 6 sets of true leafs on it.

oK fIRST ,


Well, the mix the seedling is sitting in Jiffy seed starting mix

Seems to be doing MUCH better than the highly nuted fox farm ocean soil. I will eventually transplant over to the FF Ocean soil though. The watering seems to always be the possible issue haha. I feel like I am depriving the little one of water. I do give it a light pump worth of mist on it’s leaves because I figure it might like that, I will hold off on doing that now.

@Holmes That is exactly what I am doing :smiley: I cut a cup in half, poked a few holes in it, and placed it over top of the seedling cup. It works really well but I do spray the inside of the top cup every night so as to keep it humid and moist in there. I remove the cup for a few hours a night to let it get some fresh air though. Should I possibly remove the top dome overnight so I don’t create a musty and stagnant air field for the seed?

@Monkman Thanks! This is a very interesting process and I love seeing the different stages the little fella is going through. I check it a couple times a day but I won’t be surprised if I do something wrong and have to learn the hard way :confused: hah.

@garrigan65 This forum has been a wonderful source of info. I appreciate all of the input and it sounds like I should go ahead and hold off on nutes for a little while. I will keep my eye on the little one!


Yes you don’t feed her ok you will just make more problems. Misting her she will love you for it … lol.
Your on the wright track…i’ll be watching and if you need anything at all besides money …lol… i’m here for ya.



Haha, well I really appreciate all the help I can get! I will check on the little one and keep an update of the status. Thank you again for the assistance!