Possible nutrient issue

I think I probably found the worst possible bag of dirt I could have purchased. I have a gorilla glue auto at 20 days and a white widow fem at 21 days. The gg auto was yellow and half the size of the ww 3 days ago. The ww was turning yellow. Fearing the worst I added some Epsom salt to the ww to see what happened and it improved. After much reading in the forums and double checking the bag I decided to do some what I consider drastic measures.
I added some native red clay soil to add a little iron and dilute the time release nutrients that I didn’t realize was in the soil. Then I did a thorough irrigation, after which I added some miracle grow liquid fertilizer and more Epsom salt. I also moved the lights a little further away. It all seems to have helped but I still have an issue. Any help diagnosing this is welcomed.
Soil: Harvest organics soil for raised bed gardening
Soil pH: 6.8
Water pH: 6.5
I don’t have any means to measure tds in runoff but I haven’t had any runoff yet either.
Pics are today

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If I was you, stop using the Miracle Grow crap. Plants this young don’t need nutrients yet. Many members use General Hydroponics nutrients and Fox Farm nutrients are two reliable nutes.

New soil like that definitely don’t need nutes for the first month at the earliest…upto 6-8 weeks before nutrients are needed.


This is an extremely spur of the moment, trying to salvage the season sort of thing. I’ve never had plants turn yellow before. There is definitely a problem with the dirt though.

Switch to 7-10 gal fabric pots! You can find the cheap on amazon like 12 for 15$

You’ll be thankful you did


Your first sentence cracked me up haha.

I think like everyone here including yourself we just see nothing but problems down the pipeline.
So grab some fabric pots and toss some new soil with 30% perlite. Then don’t touch it for 5-6 weeks because your soil should have enough nutrients in it, gives you time to get a TDS meter as well

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Temps seem low

this is where i try to be around

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Drill some holes around the bottom sides of the bucket

If you have the opportunity I would strongly suggest you repot into something more suited to cannabis.

Miracle Gro can (and does) grow weed. But it doesn’t grow good weed. The main issue later on is the soil and fertilizer is not PH buffered to keep in range so cannabis can uptake nutrients. This gets worse and worse over time to the point you are chasing all kinds of deficiencies and excesses in late flower: the worst time for problems. Finally; if you are successful in growing in MG you will likely have a fairly harsh and bitter smoke from all of the excess salts.

Stop feeding the plants. Get a TDS meter and make sure your PH meter is calibrated. If you keep the PH range correct and don’t hammer em with nutes you will get some great cannabis.

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When you say repot, are you talking about the dirt, the buckets or both? I’m heading out now to see if I can find some better dirt because I have to get some more seeds going. The buckets do have drain holes at the bottom. Thank you for responding!

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You need better soil.

Cloth pots are awesome but lots of weed has been grown in everything else.