Possible nitrogen toxicity?

I have two autos growing right now in buffered coco mixed with perlite & a small amount of fox farm ocean Forrest (won’t mix that ever again) it’s my first grow. These girls are into 5 weeks now and I water each plant roughly a half gallon of water every 3 sometimes 4 days they seem mostly dry. I’ve been using general hydroponics flora series but only the micro and bloom and cal mag, in between each nutrient feeding I’ll do a water with recharge. I never really get any run off which I think is weird considering I use a half gallon of water to each plant. After I water by the end of the day they look wilted and what not. Can anyone suggest what I can do to help my girls look healthier :neutral_face::slightly_frowning_face:

I would skip a couple days of watering and let them dry out. I think you’re Overwatering.


I agree or so it appears. I should be getting run off though right? I’d figure with a half gallon per plant I should see runoff. Should I wait until they are fairl dry then water in less?? Or stick to a half gallon?

Just allow them to dry out before checking.

Like show signs they are dried out lol? Should I wait longer then the 3-4 days? Seems kind of long like most people water every 2 or 3 days it seems. My first grow I’m just scared of messing them up :grimacing:

Yes, that soil is saturated. If you stick your finger in the soil, and it’s still moist to the touch, they’re fine.

I forgot to water a couple rows this is what I came back to:

But they’re okay:


When you do let them dry out lift the pot/bucket up. You can get a good idea by the weight that they are wet or dry. If you are unsure on if its time to water or not you can get a cheap meter. I got mine at Lowes. It supposedly measures ph too but like some of the more experienced growers I only use it for the moisture level. It has an 8" or so probe so it can go deeper than your finger. Good luck!

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