Possible manganese deficiency, please advise

From a fellow grower:Spotting on leaves.

  • Strain: white widow

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): fem

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): soil. Fox farms happy frog with nature’s living soil super soil mixed per instructiond on bag.

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 6.3 runoff from air pots

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): 1000ppm Bergmans grow time fert

  • Light type & schedule: led 2000w 12:12

  • Temperatures day & night: 75 day 68 night

  • Humidity day & night: 40 day 40 night

  • Ventilation: 6in carbon filter and with duct fan. Automatically controlled for proper heat

  • AC: full hvac climate controlled room

  • Humidifier: full hvac climate controlled room

  • De-humidifier: part of climate control system

  • Co2: no c02 supplementation

How would I go about correcting a manganese deficiency? I’ve never dealt with this before. The 3 plants I have are taking a very long time in flower. I’m on 10 weeks with crystal clear trichomes still. A few brown hairs here and there. Plants are about a foot tall after allowing to veg for 12 weeks as they did not grow quickly.

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Meed pictures in natural light before anyone can make a judgment call

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When you can take a pic in regular lighting. If its a mag deficiency it can be corrected with calmag or theres a recipie for using epsom salts

[quote=“ILGM.Support, post:1, topic:37532”]
Co2: no c02 supplementation
[/quote] I don’t understand, you claim climate control but no supplemental CO2?
You’re saying they also grew slow? I see an O enrichment if it’s a “controlled environment”, and you’re saying you use carbon filter, is that on a Re-circulation or vented externally placing negative pressure on the room? Either way, you’re only a CO2 stone’s throw away from having a true laboratory environment. H202 is another necessary ingredient to keep dissolved O levels higher in the aqueous nutrient solution (hydroponic), tests are performed on both to gauge any particular lab’s consumption and exchange (high CO2 means high CO2 in the medium also, from natural exchange. A touch here, and tweak there, and your expenditures for environment control (AC) would bring home the bacon!

Those little spots should be the least of your concerns with climate control and no CO2! (mainly)

Otherwise they look like they were splashed with something that spotted them more than a sudden surprise nutrient deficiency that sprang up out of nowhere on a system that’s been running and proven.

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Somewhat of a beginner here. This is my grow. This all came about in like a weeks time. I am considering a hydro setup but currently am finishing up the soil grow. Not sure where to start with hydro tbh. Trichomes are just starting to get cloudy so I don’t have a whole lot of time left and I don’t want to waste it at this point. As for the climate control… I just have this commercial hvac unit for the entire building each room is individually controlled. that’s temperature and humidity controlled. I don’t have a way to get a Pic in natural light but I took pics in the back room with ambien tlighting and flash on low. It won tlet me add pictures to this for some reason. I added cal mag 4ml to a gallon and watered yesterday it actually made the one worse. Almost like a bad nute burn Can’t say it changed anything with the spotted leaves on my other plant

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CalMag asap

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Nutes burn also

@Shaneo420 what amounts do you suggest per gallon or per liter to help bring it back? I feel like 4ml/gallon did more harm

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You need to water until run off check your ppm

I would flush until your ppm read 900-1000 and your pH is on point 6.5ish I add one teaspoon per gallon of CalMag but it really depends on what water source your using

Those leaves are very green.

I don’t see a need for cal mag.

What I see is this


A living soil, and you’re adding Nutes?

The ppm/tds runoff would be helpful. I’m guessing it’ll be pretty high.

You may have enough MAG but it could be locked out due to the nutes

I had this problem also early on. Nute burn, nitro to and lockout. I watered with just pH water for 4 weeks. 2-3 gallons per plant each watering. After TDs cleared I used 1/4 dose calmag every feed for 2 weeks and black strap molasses 1 tablespoon per gallon. All is good and they grew 2 -3 feet in a few weeks.

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I have 5 plants. 3 of them have 2300 ppm and are thriving. Other 2 are about 1600 ppm.