Possible loss of 'skunky/pine' terpenes due to flowering environment?

Hello everyone. I have a question about harvested bud and terpenes.

Basically, I have 12 different strains and none of them smell skunky or retain their myrcene terpene after cure (or even really had it during flower/harvest)…

Now it’s possible my collection of strains are just not skunky. Here’s what I detect 8 weeks after chop.

Genetics from Barney’s Farm (and their affiliates). Chopped in Jan/Feb 2020.
The Doctor - earthy, hint of chocolate
Tangerine Dream - citrus
Orange Sherbert - citrus
Gorilla Zkittlez - citrus/lemon
Blue Dream - blue fruit (light)
Blue Gelato - not much of a smell at all… tea maybe… herbal medicinish, maybe blue fruit
Phantom OG - not much of a smell at all… tea maybe… herbal medicinish
Red Dragon - red fruit (potent)
Red Diesel - red fruit (extremely potent)
Critical Cheese - cheese (maybe the slightest skunk)

New strains harvested last week (April 2020)
Gigabud - not much of a smell at all… tea maybe… herbal medicinish
Cookies Kush - earthy
Critical Mass CBD - fruity (extremely potent)

I’m wondering I’m my flowering environment is too hot or something and burning off that skunk/mycrene terpene… because what are the odds none of these strains are dank? I get all the other profiles: cheese, fruit, chocolate, orange… but little pine and very little skunk.

Yields are great. Bud is healthy and colorful. Harvested all strains 56-67 days when their trichs were cloudy… some probably went a couple days over, some under. Grow temps started around 77 with 1,000W LED lights and moved into 84 - 65 degree swings day/light at the end of flower. RH started around 60 and gradually moved down to high 30/low 40’s in the last couple weeks of flower. Good airflow. Lot’s of fans and exhaust out of the building. Plants hang dry for 3-6 days in as good of an environment as I can provide. Cut and burp for two weeks in plastic bags/glass jars. Pics below of the general operation. I can’t think of anything amiss but my gut tells me something is wrong.

What’s going on here? Who knows what’s up? Help is appreciated.

Early flower

Mid flower

Night before harvest


Morning of harvest


Drying Room

RH/TEMP for drying (4-6 days)

Trimmed bud

Finished product



I can’t help with your question, but I do have to say that you have a nice looking garden.


This is my guess. I’m running my current grow at a peak temp of 75F for this very reason. I’ve done every terpene booster there is and my buddy with just GH base nutes develops a beautiful terpene profile every time. The only difference I can see is temps.


Thanks Fixer. Lot’s of work :slight_smile: Worth it!!!

That’s what my gut is telling me. Something doesn’t quite add up though. I think lots of people get into the 80’s with their LED light gardens… but that’s where I’m leaning.


Any guesses why FF has put nitrogen in the Cha Ching product intended for use during the last week or 2 before harvest? It really bugs me.

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That does seem silly, doesn’t it? Maybe the N is tied to some other nutrient and hard to completely extract from the mix.

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It’s 9%, so I have to believe they’ve put it there for a reason.

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