Possible light burn and swollen leaves

I have a new led it’s a roi 720 running on full percent 24 inches above canopy and I’m day one in flower. Wondering if I’m getting light burn on some of this new growth or it’s something else… also noticed some swollen spots in between the veins of the leaves on this one herijunana jack 33. Asking some of the experienced growers to take a look at some of these and tell me if I have an issue

In my experience new top growth will at first be a lighter green than older growth but will darken up as the next set starts.

I think they look good overall

Did notice what might be the start of a magnesium deficiency
If so I would add 1-3 Tsp of epsom salt per gallon making sure it dissolves before watering as it takes 10 min with no stirring or stir it up for couple minutes.

If I’m not mistaken that light is a great light so with the added energy hitting the plants they will consume more calcium and magnesium (and all nutrients too) than when running lower par lights. More light food plants grow faster will require more water/food.

Can you share with us your set up details as that can help such as pots, grow medium, feed, environmental numbers, age etc.

Hope this helps and keep feeding your cannabinoid system

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That tent is a 5x5 and I’m using fox farms ffof soil with general hydro nutrients for these. Got a ac infinity 6 inch inline fan positioned outside the tent with carbon filter for more height. I also use silica and cal mag but I don’t like to go too nuts unless I see a problem. This is a pic of this morning

In my other veg tent I went completely different. Gorilla boost coco with canna nutrients and golden tree as an all in one in a 3x3 under a t5 so far I’m liking the coco and canna better than the soil and general hydro I think it’s mostly the coco over soil though and being able to have full control over ppm

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Right on. That’s what I was thinking

What would u recommend for cal mag dosage to regulate it back. Don’t wanna go to crazy with the nitro should I start small or hit it with a decent size dose

Look for a Cal/Mag with little to no N. I use General Organics CalMag and it is 1-0-0 so you should be able to follow the dose amounts on the bottle.