Possible Leaf Septoria and a few other issues. First grow and would like a second opinion please!

To preface, I am a first time grower but have been researching my ass off every day.

So I guess I will break my post into three issues.

  1. One of my mystery plants (suspected chemdawg, from bag weed) has big yellow/gray/brownish spots that look white in the light on one of it’s leaves. Another one of my plants, an auto flowering tangerine dream, has a slightly smaller (but still larger than what would be caused by fungus gnats, spider mites, etc.), similarly colored spot on one of the leaves. The spots are pretty much perfect circles. I will attach photos. I believe it is Leaf Septoria and that I should remove the leaves. Would you guys agree that that is the issue and the best course of action? I don’t know if it is bad enough to purchase Neem oil or anything like that. Advice would be much appreciated. My only reluctancy removing the leaf from the mystery plant is that the stem of the leaf connects to what is going to be one of the two new main stems, as I topped the plant a few days ago. I am scared removing the leaf may impair the new main stem in some way. Sorry the photo quality is terrible. And sorry that this is going to be a long post.

This last pic is just to show the connection to the new main stem.

  1. One of my plants, a feminized white widow, has two leaves that I am having difficulty diagnosing. One looks more like nutrient burn to me, while the other looks like more of a potassium deficiency. And I suppose either could be from ph fluctuations, as I have a novice eye for these things. I was wondering if you guys knew what was going on here, and what you’d suggest I do in terms of treatment.

  1. Finally, one of the plants that I am growing (the other mystery bag weed seed) does not appear to be doing well. And it seems to be some sort of defective plant. I am not sure if this is cannabis ruderalis or if there is something else up with this plant. The leaves all have three segments, and the two side segments seem to be slightly lower or detached from the middle segment. I read that it might just be hemp and produce no buds. I read other stuff saying that it is a defect and that people have gotten some really potent bud from it. I guess if anyone knows what this plant is please let me know, and if you have any suggestions to help liven it up please let me know as well. Sorry again for the poor quality of the pictures. If necessary, I can try to borrow a smart phone from someone to get better pictures.

Thank you!

Leaf seporia usually begins to take over the whole plant.
What medium are you using to grow in?
Ppm or tds of your water going in?
What is your PH going in?
What about nutrients, are you feeding any?
Tap water or what kind of water?


Are you sure you didn’t just drip some nute solution on those leaves? Otherwise I’d be asking same questions as above.


My thoughts exactly, it doesn’t look like LSF anyway.

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We are growing in a mixture of fox farm ocean forrest and nectar of the gods.

How would I figure out the ppm or tds of the water?

Our PH tester is arriving tomorrow. Stupid question, but is it only used to measure the ph in the water? Do you not put it in the soil or anything like that?

We gave them nutrients once, fox farm grow big.

I use tap water.

Thank you!

I suppose it is possible that some cute solution dripped on them. I can’t remember if it happened before or after the first time we gave them nutrients. It was somewhere around the same time.

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I noticed later in a different thread @Myfriendis410 suggested the same as I did. Based on the isolated nature, I would say that’s what happened. You’ll know if they don’t start popping up other places.


Thank you! I’ll update if anything changes. It seems like that is the case for the spots. I am in the process of making sure PH is correct since it may have an impact on the other issues I am having.