Possible hermies

I need your help again. I think my whole AF crop has gone hermie. I’m so upset. I was excited and thought things were going well. Please let me know what you think. I will be glad when I can identify and know what to look for. Attached are 3 different plants.

Why do you think they are hermies? I’m not seeing any nanners… are you seeing seed pods?


Looks like a happy girl to me: I’m with Matt.


Didn’t see any either, you look good.

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WooHoo!! I sure hope your are right. I’m not sure if seeds or swollen calyx. I don’t see any actual seeds. I am trying to learn. I thought maybe some of the white in one pic was a nanner, but I’m not sure how to identify for sure. I can grow the plants, but have such a hard time reading the sex and when to harvest. I was waiting on the trichomes to amber, but we got very very hot and very very humid weather for the last week. I’m afraid of rot too. Do you think they look ok to harvest or wait a little longer?

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I would wait longer. Looks like they are still bulking up some. Trichomes on the buds themselves is the best indicator of readiness though :v::bear:

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