Possible hermie I need confirmed

These are the only 2 pics I can get for now (took this morning) as my plants are on their 12 hour nap time

This is one of 2 superglue plants (verano) that I got lucky enough to stumble across and use as my first ever serious grow subjects. I have 4 plants in total

Over the past week I’ve been monitoring week 3 of flowering and familiarizing myself with the differences in cannabis sexes, of all 4 plants this specific superglue seems to be producing pollen sacs & turning hermie on me & I’m just blatantly in denial ill be honest I have somebody coming in person tomorrow to confirm this but can someone tell me if this plant truly is a hermie & if there’s any possibility of cutting the sacs off and sterilizing the pollen with water. Or if I should just cut the base of it & throw it in the trash while I cry profusely :joy: these are the 2 biggest assumed sacs on the plant & they’re on separate branches.

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Looks like she just has some swollen calyxes

I really, and I mean REALLLLLY hope they’re calyxes. They’ve been getting fed just a tad hair too much but it’s cause my only ph down nute (ammonium sulfate) has 20% nitrogen in it & I feel like that if this is a calyx, the sulfate caused it because of the amount I had to add to my water :man_shrugging: rookies hypothesis here

They look suspect, but I’d give it a little more time. Males will usually develop a couple sacs at the nodes and I don’t see that here.

I began flowering June 1st, could you give an estimate on the amount of time they would take to burst & show pistils? Cuz I don’t wanna wait too long & even take a relative chance on them pollinating. But they are far and few like I mentioned. On some of the bud sites I can’t tell if there’s mini calyxes or pod sacs growing just under some of them so I didn’t mention them in my post maybe I’m being impatient or extra safe I can’t tell at this phase lol. I’ll probably wind up posting more pics here in 11 hours or opening a new thread

My only photo type that get swollen calyx like this were ones that got pollinated on accident dangit. Other than i only see this on autos and it seems to pop up on every auto i grow so far.

How would something get pollinated while it’s still flowering though. Unless you had an older plant sitting next to it. & these are photoperiod plants I don’t think I’ll ever do an auto. Sounds too easy & I hear potencys don’t come close

Don’t like the look of that at all, does not look like a calyx to me.


Here’s a better picture if that’ll help. I’m 99% positive I know what I’m looking at & I don’t like it

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Its iffy just watch it. Might be a hermie plant. Def has pistil but still looks suspect as hell

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Looks more like a pollen sac than a calyx, even the one at the base of the stem looks odd.

Here’s an example of a pollen sac, not the best picture, but if you zoom in looks like yours.


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Well I just grew auto’s that were far stronger then any weed I have gotten at any dispensary in the last 3 years of medical use. TBH I think the dispo’s buy hemp and spray it with distillate. Crap never leaves behind any kief.

I got some seeds that are Skunk #1 and Blue dream that will throw about 4 nanners on each plant and only at the branch stem connection.

I use to kill them but no longer as they never really herm up and I’ve never found more than 2 or 3 seeds on them.

Those have had me stumped for years genetics I guess

I just got done with an outside inspection, and it’s confirmed a hermaphrodite. Person looking at it was suprised himself as he’s never seen one. He reccomends tossing it.

The weed this seed came from only had 2 in the 8th, which pegs me to beleive verano likes to sell off product grown from hermies if that’s how many I find in just 1 jar, or that’s just how superglue genetics are. Because as I look at reviews it seems finding seeds in their weed is a little common. So it doesn’t surprise me that the seed held onto its hermaphrodite trait and followed suit. I just hope my second one holds firm & doesn’t grow any sacs right before the buds fatten.

What state do you buy in cuz it isn’t this one lol. A couple brands I usually avoid are forward grow, and sunmeds. Just picked up some raven by curio that’s 32.4%. And I get a nice kief pike with every grinded bowl pack. The prior 8th i got I found 2 seeds in and I know ones definitely developed enough to germinate the other might be iffy :call_me_hand:they’re next up after this grow might do just them 2 exclusively in my grow area so I can use bigger pots & just gamble on them being feminized

Sorry but that looks like a male flower to me. Another day or two it will be confirmed.

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Here is a picture of a hermie I ended up growing out. Now, the out of focus pod kind of looks like yours, and the pod that is in focus is what the pod will look like when it opens whites hairs first but eventually stamens ( not shown ) would pop out. Some of my nodes only had one pod, and others, multiples.

AZ, I’d have been pissed. Medical Marijuana should not have seeds in it.

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What male flower produces calyxes & pollen sacs lol. This is a hermie. But it’s cut up now, dead in a bag in a dumpster