Possible hermaphrodite?

Hey guys, first time grow and I’m concerned about Jack Herer. I’ve had great production, but I just noticed something that look like pollen sacs. Help?

Looks like it… Try taking some pics without the blurple. They’ll be much easier to see.

Second pic from the bottom looks reaaaaaal dubious.


Get it away from other females post haste

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Yeah, that one’s definitely pollen sacks.


:100: balls get her out if you have other fems. U can salvage it but worry about that once you’ve isoed it.

Yep… Ballsack… If those are the only ones on the plant you can pinch them off and limp her to the finish, but if you’re going to do that, I would isolate like @Eagles009 said and keep a close eye for more.

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Should I just get rid of it completely? I still have 2 fem White Widows and a random plant that is definitely female

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I’d say that’s a matter of personal convenience. If you can easily care for it somewhere else not ANYWHERE near your other girls why not experiment with it. See how it turns out…could be fire. I can’t go outside here and have one poss. Tent location so I would dispose of it.

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^^^ This.

Something we’ve neglected to this point. NOW you need to find the stressor. you don’t want any more balls!

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Are your JH auto or feminized?

It was a random seed that I found haha legit first time grow :joy: but I got rid of Jack and I’ve got my other 3 plants left that will just get more of the light :man_shrugging:t3: Thanks for the help guys!


No problem, but your not done. SOMETHING made it herm. Wouldn’t have grown flowers then balls after for no reason. Was female, turned Hermie. (I am new someone correct me if this is not :100: correct) You don’t want more hermies.bso find the stressor. Are your other plants auto fem or don’t know?

The WW are definitely fem. The other is a random seed, but that one is also popping flowers that look just like the fem WW. I’m gonna get in there to make sure there’s no pollen sacs on that one either, but that’s it. 2 fans, a humidifier and a vent for a carbon filter

Okay so as they are not specialized auto flower plants your most likely culprit is going to be light leak during your 12 hours of darkness. You do have them on 12/12 light schedule right?

I do. I have them in a 2x4 grow tent in a closet. It’s a Vivosun tent, so it is quality. I try my best to keep it dark, but maybe I slipped a couple times? Other than that, it’s a pitch black closet lol

I don’t walk in there much during night time, but maybe I slipped a couple times

Seriously, and I say this nicely, stay the hell out of there during the 12 hour dark period! :smiley: Also black it out in the closet, when your light is on the 12 hour on period. Get in the room. Close up ur tent. And if light is getting out it can get in. If you don’t have light leak report back…it is some other stressor.