Possible herm.. again.. and again..ugh


My indoor SD showed a few bananas about 4 days ago… confirmed this morning, just starting to open a little. Picked them off and dissected them to make sure. So that plant is outside and I guess I’ll let it finish, pinching off potential nanners… Hopefully I got it out early enough, I think I did, I was watching it very carefully. I also misted water inside the tent on the walls, floor and on the other plant to maybe stop or kill any pollen that may have been released. No signs of stamens on kimbo so I’ll be growing this strain for a while. This will be 100% herm for all of the SD seeds I planted, and I have about 90 seeds left, no idea what to do with them. I have furnace filters taped in my window now in the grow room…they claim to catch/filter out pollen, I hope it works so the kimbo remains unpollinated.


I had one of my two Sour Diesel simply seed on me with no sign of hermaphrodite. Plus, the other two flowering plants right next to it are fine two weeks later.


Can you tell if it’s going to seed or a herm?


No discernable male parts. Seeded on every bud site within 24 hours,while two flowering plants in the same space are doing fine, 2 weeks later.


Is it just the lower buds? Could you prune up and maybe get fatter cola?


Dude! THE WHOLE PLANT. HALF A POUND OF BUD, LOL. EVERY SINGLE BUD,ALL AT ONCE. No male parts, no hermi, just seeded. It happens. We had extreme heat just before that so the consensus is that’s what triggered it. And like I said: if it was producing pollen my other two plants would have seeded too. They did not.


Wow that stinks but wouldn’t all those seeds be predominately female if it was stress induced…the last ditch effort of the plant to reproduce? I haven’t been growing long enough to see that I guess, I thought there would always be signs of stamens before seeding happens. Unless it was pollinated from an external plant?


I seem to have read somewhere that one of the stress induced seedings produces all hermi’s. Not sure if this mutation is though. I’ll harvest the plant for the seeds anyway and might even run a couple.


I posted a link in one of my threads where it showed the difference, and yes it said stress equals more chance of herm seeds. But forced stress at the end or past flower will produce almost 100% fem seeds, if I remember correctly.


Well, if it is already budded and not a chance of polenating anything I would
a. Smoke that sh!t !!!
b. Save the seeds and see if it is a myth. Grow a few.


@Whodat66, that is exactly the plan. Great minds think alike. Although I’ll probably find another use for the weed and keep the seed.


could you help me with this do you think it’s hermi I’ve seen hermi plants with pollen sacks but I’m aware their is another form would you say this is a hermi


I would keep an eye on it, but those look a little like new sugar-leaves


I’d say stress induced herm. based on that photo.
I’m not sure of course, but part of it might be too much light. Any other photos or info?

I’m not sure actually…I can’t tell from that photo. Look under- from the bottom up. Might be able to see them easier if there are bananas. That thing in the center of the bud looks weird, but I can’t say for sure.


That is definitely hermie, caused by stress or maybe even prone to happen depending on the genetics.


it defiantly is I’m swaying more towards bad genetics my fem beans are completely fine this was one I stook in to bulk up my numbers so if was anything to do with light stress I would expect to see more effected then just the one(I presume) I was just unsure as its the first I’ve seen to do this that’s all cheers for your help :+1:


That stinks. Really sucks because if that was one top and center of that bud, a fan could have blown the pollen around. I hope not for your sake. All of my herms have shown from the very bottom up, and none opened up so I lucked out. I have another thread on here that shows the difference between a genetic and stress induced. If you haven’t seen it yet it might help you determine the cause. Also, if it’s a different strain from the rest it might be more sensitive to conditions. You said you added it to add canopy/numbers? Did it go from someone’s 200w veg light to your 1000w(for example)? Just throwing ideas out there…
I know you think it might be genetic, but I dont think they get bananas in the top or middle of buds. Anyone else know for sure?


Here’s those photos from my old thread…40A3B4DC-068F-40CB-98EB-1CB606F1AAE4A3C267A4-7099-4614-9A59-850BEA0E22FA

I heard the increase in solar flares, or large ones can stress a plant to herm. We’ve had some big activity recently. Has anyone else had a bunch of herm problems lately?


yeah I found some pollen sacks on it too lower part of the plant and yeah it was top buds with the bananas on three of them it had a 24hour window to pollinate my full grow as well really kicking myself putting it in now


i had some tasty little girls growing too