Possible herm.. again.. and again..ugh

So I have a couple sour diesel outside and one inside. The indoor might be a herm to hard to tell right now. But this one, might be showing it’s FU nuts…
What do you think? I’m getting so sick of these herm sd seeds…like half are herm.

…ugh, I just chopped it. There were a bunch more on a different branch. I’m glad these were started late outside. It’s gotta be a huge bummer if you get a 15’ herm. If the indoor SD is bad, I wonder if I can(or should)bring the other outdoor plant inside as it’s still small enough to put in the tent. Any opinions on that? I seem to remember something about not bringing them back inside…

I’d keep a eye on them for sure but it early

I’ve seen it enough now I think…had more herms and males then females. It’s pretty distinct (distinctive?) growth after seeing it run after run.

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Sorry to hear that are you sure someone around you isn’t growing as well ? And pollen is getting over to you land ??? Just a thought

Pretty sure… but would it show like this?
It is possible, but the plant next to it seems fine-So far. :thinking:

Son of a bitch!

Here’s the other plant! :rage:

Now, is there a way to tell the difference between genetic herm and pollinated female?

Hermi’s shoot out nanners… I don’t think any of your plants are Hermie , those looked like calyxes waiting to open… :wink:
There’s a couple threads on here that will show you what a real hermi is and what a real male is… I’m not sure you really know and I would hate to see you keep killing your ladies… :wink:

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I am new and don’t know diddly, but I am thinking @peachfuzz with this. I read where sometimes they look fat like a seed but then the white hairs pop from them. I am on my first plant, and thought mine was doing the herm but then white hairs shot out of the ones I thought might be herms. If I can get a pic to show you I will. Not saying this is your case, but it is possible.

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I’m just starting to think all the SD sees I have are herm. That’s all they’ve been so far-IF the indoor one actually is. I’ll have to check it in the morning now.

But the kimbo kush seems to be fine. I’ve been checking that one very closely because those seeds were only available regular. I suppose it could be a herm but at like $125-$140 a seed, from exotic genetics, I would think the chances of genetic herm are low. So far it looks good…fingers and toes crossed til morning. I’ll be so pissed if that has balls too…that’ll be everything I had going. And ive cloned it of course, and the clones didn’t show herm when I flowered them. Well, my last grow, harvested about a month ago(diesel dipped cookies) had a few seeds too. I knew the very bottom had a few bananas but I picked them of early and it never went higher than a few inches from the very bottom. Now I’m really wondering if it someone else’s plants messing me up. I know it’s not light leaks or environmental stress. Plus they’re all showing like genetic herms. I wonder…?

I took some pics of mine to show you. I will get them up in a minute

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I’m new too, but if you look at my other herm posts you’ll see my past luck. These just aren’t open yet…
I mean…

I’ve seen it so many times, maybe I can see it earlier than some people? Idk…but those just opening on the right look like nanners to me-jus not super yellow yet. Below the female calyx they say is genetic, when it stress they shoot out of the middle of the lady parts… to just below.

I don’t know if anyone else does this but when I see a questionable pod, I take my tweezers and push on the tip. In my experience if it’s a stamen it will easily pop open, even if they aren’t yellow yet. A swollen calyx will just push in.
Maybe everyone does this…idk, but try it if you haven’t, might help with early ID

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I cannot upload anything, so the pics are a no go. I never heard of the tweezer thing, that is interesting

I got them to upload, so i thought I would post them in case anyone else had questions, but the pics don’t look very good.

Yeah it’s just something I do as I’ve had so many problems. But I’m an experienced nanner spotter now lol. If it’s tight to the plant you can push on that tip or sometimes I give them a slight squeeze length wise so it doesn’t just bend away from the pressure. Pretty easy…calyx is soft, the stamens hard…

Sucks now no outdoor harvest, and probably just one inside.

I don’t see anything bad on yours but it is really hard to get a good look on those photos… I can sort of see lines on this-below

What you circled is what I was talking about. It looks like a herm, but white hairs came out of them. Hard to see the white hairs in the picture, but I wanted to show how it can look like a fat herm, but just have white hairs in it.

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So now I’m very curious about pollination…wouldn’t that form pods all over the buds? Not just on under the calyx? I obviously haven’t looked it up yet…just figured someone here had some personal experience.

Ok. I just give them that little squeeze if it’s questionable and then I know for sure. Thanks for posting those though! That’s what I love about ILGM👍

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Looks almost like where a leaf was cut and some of the stem left.