Possible Green Algae?

Alright so no luck with uart over USB adapter , I created a cracking device made with kali Linux and a raspberry pi zero to pentest devices

I might be able to plug it in to there and have it crack the device that way

Hacking away

@AxisCat found water

Alright so…I was able to get that lux/ppfd sensor up and going by. Tuya IoT cloud integration v2 on 1.5 update

So far so good

Air button allows me to reset plug incase power goes on it or it goes to sleep

Cat you fell off what’s good man? Check out the thread I’ve feel like I just took a giant leap in growing because of you! Thank you and hope all is well growmie

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Hey Bob. Sorta been busy with my wife, her health is not good and I spend a lot of time taking care of her. Mostly running back and forth to the dialysis clinic.

I will do some catch up on your progress, glad you are moving forward!

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Sorry to hear your wife isn’t doing well cat, I wish you and her all the best . Take care of family, we’ll be here when you need us

Sorry to hear that, man. Hope it takes a turn for the better. Take care, we’ll be here when it all settles down.

Hi Bob. I spent some time catching up on your setup. You are put a lot of work into it, looks like a battle here and there with the communications but you are winning.

What are you thoughts on the PAR meter? The price is right, do you feel it is accurate? I have been spending the last week researching different methods to measure PPFD, at times the math made my head spin. I am still exploring different options.

Your last update was about a month ago, I expect you are a lot farther along now. Keep me posted!


I have been messing around with this for the past few days:

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I been building a flow in node red which operates an auto doser I threw together.

I did have to pull the boards of the peristaltic pumps n put a sonoff 4chpro

I don’t feel like the ppfd is correct you’d need to shell out for the apogee quantum sensor if you want true readings but this $40 is close enough for my cheap ass atm

Your setup is very impressive! I expect hydro will be my natural evolution, I just don’t have the room at the moment.

I am having an issue with one of my plants… i created a topic, what are your thoughts?


@MidwestGuy killed the question already, dark color to leaves that late into flower will cause issues

Draw back on nitrogen based products and increase pk based.

Thanks Bob!

I run autopots (7.5 gal) and I just set this all up to the reservoir, tho hydro would be the most efficient way to go next

I will have to check these out, the system looks nice

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I use a digital scale I built for each of my plants. I watch the weights over time and know when they are getting dry and need watering. I then use the scales to control my watering solenoid valves to give each one the appropriate volume (weight) of water.

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That’s pretty serious! I love it!

Thank you!