Possible first tent purchase

Looking at this for first time indoor set up, new to the page and growing all together. Looking for some insight and thoughts before I make a purchase.

Will also be ordering seeds from ILGM due to the high reviews and great articles I have read so far!

I grow in a 4x4x8 tent I grow 4 plants in a rdwc system

Not sure on price but I bet that if you bought each piece separately, you’d probably save money. Also, that one 300w led alone will on grow one plant

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Yes, check prices. I bought an “all inclusive” grow tent with everything i would need, then i found forum & found everything i really needed. I also found i couldve gotten cheaper by the piece.

I would shop around a bit. But to give you an idea I was running a 4x4x7 tent and was running 2 400watt COB LED lights and probably could have squeezed in one or 2 more. If you are handy with building thing then you can build your own light for pretty cheap. @dbrn32 he is the light guy!!


Do you think that light would be enough power for one plant?

I don’t see where it says how much electricity the light actually uses:

300W LED Panel Grow Light Veg Lamp
LED Output Power:300W
LED Quantity:100PCS x 3W LEDs
Wavelength Range:380~800nm
Input Voltage:AC85V~AC265V
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Package size:400x260x110mm
Gross Weight:2.3KG
Application: Herbs,Fruits,Vegetables

Maybe I’m blind… assuming it’s somewhere around 150w you should be able to flower a 3-4 square feet of space. The tent itself is 6.25 square feet. If you were to fill the entire tent with plant, you’d want two of those lights (assuming 150w of actual electrical consumption is accurate).

They call that a “300W” light because it has 100 three watt diodes on it… but they aren’t driving (powering) them to their max wattage, so it’s not really a 300W light.

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I think @Bogleg has solid answer. Unless we’re talking about going with different lights, that’s what I would say as well.

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Thank you! I think I’m gonna go with this tent set up! I’ll keep everyone posted!