Possible Drooping Leaves

I wonder if anyone can give me a bit of help. I have the Gorilla Glue Autoflower. Been doing great. I have been watering enough to keep it going well. Last night I gave it enough water to drain to the bottom of the saucer. Today it seems to be drooping. Any ideas? Or isthis normal. At the 5th week and has shown first sighns of transition. I posted a couple of pics. Hope to get a response. Thanks in dvance to any who reply.


Hey @LarryProbert , Welcome to the forum.
Its not uncommon to have a little drooping after watering well.
You can also see drooping just about time the lights go out and sometimes right after they come on.
Those actually look pretty good. I wouldn’t even really call it drooping. Maybe just a bit of curl on the tops. Normal to see at times.
Keep us updated, we love to follow grows.


Thank you for your reply. ENCOURAGING . Will post more pics as the grow goes. Can’t wait to see it get heavy with buds. Blessings!


Hey, I appreciate your previous response. Would like to follow up. I am posting a couple of more current pics of same grow. Have now reached the 7th week of my autoflower Gorrilla Glue. Do these pics look OK to you at this time frame? Showed some pre-flower at week 6 and moved to Bloom nutrients. Read somewhere that this is too soon…that it would restrict some growth. If these babies keep getting taller, I will have a hard time keeping the distance to the light correct. I am gettng a small dehumidifier tomorrow 'cause the humidity hovers in the high 50’s and low 60’s and am afraid that may be too high. Please give me your thoughts on the looks of the plant during this 7th week. Thanks so much for your input!