Possible deficiency/lockout?

Not sure what is going on. The strain is Gorilla Glue started from seed (ILGM) on 10/12. I have them in 10gal fabric pots filled with Coast of Maine Stonington blend. I have been watering when top 1” of soil is dry with store bought spring water (6.5 ph) and using Gaia green general purpose food. I have top dressed with nutes one time about 2-3 weeks ago. I have the light set about 28-30” away at 60% power. The temp inside the tent has stayed between 68-73 degrees I have done the same thing to the other plant and have not had any issues. Thank you for your help!


This picture is from Sensiseeds DOT com

CalMag can be used or straight magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt).

IN SOIL - from Zamnesia DOT com

For germination and seedlings, we recommend using one teaspoon per 5 litres of water. However, don’t apply the solution directly. Instead, diffuse it using a spray bottle, and give plants a light misting once every 2-3 days. If you’re spraying plants, try to do it when the lights are off, or towards the end of your plants light schedule to prevent light burn.
For mature cannabis plants, you can water plants directly using the same ratios outlined above. Remember, Epsom salts prove most effective in soil already lacking magnesium. If your soil has a high pH (7 or above), consider full watering with Epsom salts to replenish the nutrient balance.


Right on!!


Fastest way I know to get it right is to do a foliar spray with 5ml/gallon cal-mag. I usually do it just before lights out

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Sounds good! I don’t have cal/mag, but I do have Epsom. I’ll make a foliage spray and give it a shot before lights out. Thank you!!!

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Epsom is a better treatment IMO.