Possible continuous grow candy kush musings


okay, sometimes i wonder just how dull i can be. when i first started planning it was always with two tents so i could take time out of the grows, i was going to stagger them so i could be getting pot every 3 months. but then it dawned on me that i could have one be set for continuous vegging and one set for continuous flowering. i planted ww for my first try and was going to get superskunk for second and baked sweets for third grow. i know for a rookie that it is a lot easier to do your whole 4x4 tent with the same strain germed at the same time. but how hard is it to start a couple seedlings in your veg tent and a month later start another couple of different variety? should i do 2, 3, 4, or more grows before i attempt to grow different varieties at the same time? (asking for a friend) j/k lol


Go for it man! Worst that happens is you waste some seeds. Which is actually pricey lol. But i plan on doing the same. But im not as adventurous as you. I’m going to complete a grow. Then by the second when i can afford another light and tent start my perpetual. In theory is shouldn’t be too rough. You will have some experience with the veg cycle already when you start the second batch so that will help!


It’s best to keep everything constant. The best grows I’ve had in tents either came from the same strain or even better a mother plant. Otherwise, you’ll be doing a lot of training especially once you force them to flower. Keep in mind that indicas typically stretch more than sativas. Therefore, sativas make a better fit for tents. I have three tents that I rotate and get monthly harvests! In other words, consistency is key when it comes to genetics. Training and multiple topping will also ensure a nice even canopy.

Happy Growing!


I know i don’t have the capabilities or experience to try multiple varieties to start, that is the question. how many grows before i will have the experience to make a viable try at running two different strains at same time in same tent. i have four slots in each tent and would have two of one and two of another variety. i am pretty well set that i will do a single variety (super skunk) on my 2nd grow. was hoping to do two different varieties when i get the baked sweets for my third grow. is that a realistic goal or should i figure on getting more grows in before i try multiple strains staggered by a month. i was going to do two plants with one variety, then a month later start 2 plants of a different variety


If you want to do two different varieties when you get the baked sweets mixed pack go for it! All three of those strains are Indica dominant so they will have similar growth patterns so it will just be a matter of keeping taller branches down which is something that you should do to Max your yeald any way


hey @GrowMarijuana.Live thanks for the input. i’m not about getting large amounts. i am about getting high quality. i am growing for myself only with dumping my extra on my sister and a buddy. I am going to do my first grow without topping the plants at all as i have some experiments with pruning that i want to do on the white widow. on the second grow i will be topping all plants to work on getting an even canopy and further my experience and knowledge of my grow system. i was planning on using spacers in the veg tent to keep plants at a common level. i have specifically chosen to stay away from sativa based strains because of their length and i have a 6 ft ceiling for height. I did not know that indicas had more stretch in flowering than sativas and will have to enter that into my planning . but i am going by the idea of flowering my indicas when they have reached half my available tent height or sooner if that meets my month to month and a half veg cycle i was planning. if in a month and half my plants still do not have necessary bud points then i will go to a 2 month veg but was hoping to keep veg time to a month and a half or less. i was planning on doing northern lights after 4 or 5 grows as my first sativa. it sounds like i will not want sativa and indica growing in the tents at the same time, but i had already pretty much accepted that.


I’m just starting a perpetual harvest. I have a veg tent and a flower tent, and plan to harvest 2 plants about every 5 weeks.


No problem monkman! I used to think to same thing when trying to maximize my own yields. After 2 months of veg you will need to transplant otherwise you will have smaller flowers and they won’t have the root room to stretch. Now I flower around 12-15 inches and after a single top. I’ll transplant one last time to larger pots to give them more room to grow. After that I’ll actually do multiple tops or ‘mainline’ the plant in order to keep the canopy as even as possible. Sometimes less is better. I have cases where I pulled more than 20 ounces off a single plant in a tent and others where I had 5-6 plants and pulled less than 16 ounces. Also, keep in mind you’ll need to flower plants that veg longer. On average, you’re adding at least 2 months to your flower time. Just some things to consider!

Happy Growing!