Possible 2 Autos mixed in, Grizzly Purple Kush.Newbie could use advice


Hi everyone, I am growing in soil (Pro Mix Black bag), LED lights, 24 HR LIGHT SCHEDULE AT THE MOMENT, nutrientsI are General Organics.
I started seeds in a glass of peroxide and water on Dec 11th, set up my pots and dirt, planted seeds after they soaked… 6 Grizzly Purple Kush, 6 Purple Kush, 3 Chocolopes (they were found in a bag and given to me, I was told they are Chocolope, I don’t know if they are male) and 1 Money Bush. By Dec 18th, everyone had popped. I started my seeds directly into they final home (some went into 3 gallon pots and some went into 4 gallon pots).
I grew before, 2 yrs ago but life happened and I couldn’t handle everything. My first grow was Train Wreck, in fox farm dirt, with fox farms nutes, under 2 1000W Raptor8 lights, I was given 10 clones so I started them at 18/6 light schedule. So I grew 10 plants and after harvest, I had 4 lbs. I also had a teacher who pretty much held my hand through the entire grow. that was 2 yrs ago. SO, here I am and l am left to my own devices since I don’t want to mention to my old teacher than I am up and running again, the stress of wondering who teacher would bring by to look at my ladies was freaking me out, so here I am, all alone and I am fine with that. THis web site is amazing.
Onto my situation. I have 6 Grizzly Purple Kush, I am going into week 5 and I think I may have 2 autos in my grow. the first 2 picture posted is of the Auto, unless I don’t know what I am seeing, that looks like flowers to me, mind you, I have been on a 24 hr light schedule with no plan on going to 12/12 for another week. NONE of the other ladies are doing this, as you will see in the plant next to said Auto, 3rd picture. The other pictures are of my room, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have also taken off the bottom leaves , I have cut the tops out of 2 of them, I have knuckled 2 of them and I have duct taped ones leave to the side of the pot, why have I done this to some of them you might be wondering, first off, I am not sure why I did it but I wanted to experiment to see which I liked best.

Same seeds, Grizzly Purple Kush, next to the plant in question, still under 24 hr light, not going to a 12/12 schedule for another week, or atleast hadn’t planned on it.


Auto’s will grow in any light frame, they look like auto’s to me they are forming bud site… They proform on there own, they are design to veg and flower in a certain time line so don’t do anything to them like pinch’s tops or knuckle… You can bend them to get light to lower area just be careful with them, don’t want to break anything… Looks like you get it under control so just keep on your time line… Welcome to the best site on the web ILGM… HAPPY GROWING,DOODLEBUG…


thank you for your response @Stonetothebone, yeah im no expert nor do i claim to be but I know what buds look like lol. I havent done any altering to the 2 Autos, the only think i did do, which i did to all of the ladies, was take some of the bottom stuff off, so when i water the low leaves arent sitting in the wet dirt.
on another note, love this site.


Looking good so far
Keep up the good work :+1::v:️️
Pruning is ok just don’t remove too much fan leaves are the heart and lungs of the :seedling:



You nailed that my friend was going to tell the same thing. great job.
Thank You


hello everyone. Just thought I would give an update on my lovely ladies. They just keep getting taller, yay me. As far as watering, Its been 7 days since my last water. I feel like I had better drying results when I used Fox Farms yrs ago. However, I like the idea of the ProMix being cheaper, closer to my house and it has nothing in it as far as extra nutes or whatever they add. I freak myself out when some were dry yesterday but since I am trying to keep everyone on the same schedule. We had our seasonal air handler maintenance, talk about freaking myself out. I staged my area outside of my room well, I had to leave the door cracked open a little bit, due to my air filter that sucks the life out, hubby didn’t want the service man to ask why our something or other is moving when the unit is off, he said something about air flow and pulling to make the fan in our unit spin, I don’t know, it sounded logical at the time so I solved that with white towels draped over the door, moved my huge grandfather clock in front of the door, pulled out the vac, had a garbage bag of clothes I am taking to the needy boxes, had that set in front of door, with a bag of shoes and pulled out the dirty clothes basket to look like I was about to do laundry. I made bacon this morning to cover the smell then I left the griddle on 350 so it would smell like I may have burnt said bacon. honestly I am sure I over thought the situation but one cant be to careful.


I’m in the hvac buisness as well
And I can tell you most likely the service guy would have liked to see your grow hahahaha
I know I would have giggled if I saw one
And yes if you have too much exhaust air pulling from same area as the ac unit it’s possible that blower in unit would spin when unit was/is off


He was old LOL, and honestly when he pulled up he was halfway sketchy looking. LOL


omg let me first say by no means are old people bad LOL. Im going to be 47 this year so I am no spring chicken but I like my service men younger than 30 LOL


lol I’m 45 so it’s all good


Yeah but your sketchy, lol.


Hahaha that’s true @bob31


This was my handy work


That will work
Where does it exhaust to ? Outside or another room


My attic was the only option since I refuse to go down into my crawl space lol


That’s perfect :ok_hand:
If you could get some make up air (intake fan )
From some other then the room exhaust is in it would stop that blower from spinning when off in the ac unitjust a FYI @doodlebug


funny you mention that, its my next project, I was thinking of cutting a hole in my bedroom closet since it backs up to the closet in my grow room however for the time being I have a little clip fan laying on the floor, facing the grow room, pulling fresh air from under the door, atleast it sounded good in my mind LOL


I have to limit my ideas since my husband has to make them a reality LOL


I’ve got a great guard dog and the service man was like, holy shit that’s a big poodle lol. Don’t let a pretty poodle fool you


If they look this frosty now, it’s only been 5 wks, wondering how drippy they will be in 2 months. I’m still upset they are autos tho