Positive pressure tent?

Hello fellow growers, my question pertains to negative vs positive pressure in grow tents.
I know most of you use a carbon filter, and slightly negative pressure to keep your living space(and your neighbors) free of odor.
On a personal level, my father and I grow in a shop, located in the countryside.
We don’t have neighbors, the smell is the least of our concerns.
Our main concerns are mold, mildew, pests, etc. we are convinced slightly positive pressure in our tent will be the way to go, using filters to scrub incoming air, and push contaminates away through any leaks.
I’m curious if anyone has tried this before, how did it work out?
Also will having more air pressure in the tent effect temps/humidity?

I hope I am posting this under the correct category(correct me if I’m wrong)
Thanks for reading.

When i ran with positive pressure i had an extra hard time keeping it cool. As soon as i forced air in bottom and pulled out the top around tops of lights it got much easier to control temps. Seemed like without exhaust it circulated warm air in there no matter how cool air goin in was. Take my advice with caution ive only been at this for about a year.

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You will be just fine as long as you can keep your temp and humidity in check. I run positive pressure at night (lights off) and negative during the day (lights on)


When in doubt ask the pros. Thank you @Bobbydigital

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You were right on the money with your reply @Chu666cky

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Cool. I wasnt sure was just what worked for me. My cielings in grow room are high. I think the combo of that and no exhaust when i had none just spun the air around. And at that time i had ac running right into intake. Still too hot. Then i cut a 6 inch hole in a concrete wall to install exhaust fan. After that only really hott summer days had me near 30 celcius. All other times were much more manageable. Other than i live in Canada and its cold here and i still had ac running till a couple weeks ago.

Thank you for your replies.
I just ordered some of the SF4000 lights, I think they’ll be significantly cooler than the hps fixtures we used last grow…though I’m still worried about temps because we ran ducting through the hps. The dehumidifier in the room with the tent never failed to keep humidity in the safe zone(we live in high humidity climate)
We are thinking of putting a small intake and exhaust fan in the wall connecting to the next room in our shop, which has a garage bay door as our “lung room” since the temperatures there shouldn’t be as extreme as outside.
I appreciate you saying that about the stale air, I was worried about the same thing without venting the room, so I think we’re on the right track.
Much obliged, happy growing.