Portable Air Conditioners

Thanks for the info. I bought a/c unit for tent and I have experienced exactly what you mentioned about throwing off humidity levels. I will eventually upgrade and will get 2 hose model. :+1:

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When using a dual hose in a sealed room setup, how do I prevent the A/C from sucking the plastic off the walls? As soon as it kicks on the pressure is too much. Completely sealed 11ft x 6.5 x 9ft. I have the Witmer 14k btu.

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Even with the dual hoses huh?

Youโ€™ll have to modify the upper intake on the backside of the AC to pull air from outside the room.

Remember though, in a sealed room you want at minimum of a neutral pressure or slightly negative pressure.

If you work yourself into a positive pressure situation then you can push co2 out of unsealed places if your using co2. If your not using co2 then you can push smells out of your room if you have positive pressure.

I was at a completely neutral pressure at one point and i never seemed to notice smells coming from the room but when i had a positive pressure in the room smells were coming out of the room like crazy

Hope that helps

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