Popcorn size buds @ 7wk autos indoor, WW,AND BD 3 gallon fabric pots HF on top OF on bottom problem?OF

Popcorn size buds 7wks WW,BD autos 3 gallon fabric pots HF on top OF on bottom, inside grow, compost tea 3 , 6 wks don’t think buds right, any advice

Need to see her. Pict please in white light or flash , no purple. Also what lights do you have?

Took pictures don’t know how to send lights mieemclux 1500, 1000 my bad


She’s just starting.


Ok,been like that for a week, 1st grow at 69,maybe I’ll learn thank you

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Yep, it looks like you are bout to see them fattening daily now :grin:. I like the BD. It is one of the greasiest once I have ever trimmed. She oozed goodness :grin: You are doing great

Thanks, had to stop for 25yrs, job related, how things have changed!


You said a mouthful there!

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7 weeks from seed or 7 weeks into flower?

Obviously 7 weeks from seed/ seedling a lot of people get nervous when they have a slow newbie start and the advertisements say DONE IN 10 WEEKS when in reality 1st grows almost always goes into 12-14 weeks from mistakes

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Greenness, I think you hit the nail on the head

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GreenSnek, sorry

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Should I start calmag?

Leaves yellowing, stems turning purple, 1tbs Epsom salt to gallon water, how often do I apply, also topped off pots with hf

Things look ok I looked up your light it’s 100 watt led good for 1 plant in a 2x2 more light is needed