Poor yield flowering

Last crop only small heads from crop 2 super skunk 2 gold leaf used autopots own nutrients added bud enhancer but no significant buds, did top once, pH 6 humidity 40_50 percent temp was a bit high but difficult to control in metal garden shed in Australia sun should be able to better control in winter here so may give a clue to that previously grew inside house so better temp control then.

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So are you growing inside a shed with a light or do you use the sunlight?

inside a shed makes me think of poor lighting. that equal small underdeveloped plants.


Led lights 2000 watts in each tent.

Something is a no go…
Lot’s of info here…
Read up and make changes…
These are quility genetics…
I fully support this sight and I don’t work for them…
It’s your environment that’s the problem…
you also said that you were using your own home grown nutrients… = not so productive…
For a few bucks per grow , start with nutrients that you buy and use soil or coco with nothing added to get an idea of what’s going on …
Even tho it seems simple to grow a weed , it still has it’s own issues…
And the more you know , the better off you will be… :wink:
Its trial and error…



Hey not knocking the seeds just looking for help,and not using home nutrients using Auto pots nutrients for veg and Bud magic or bud candy for flowering pH perfect humidity good only change from successful crops with just using home grown seeds is the change to LED lighting from metal hallide but I have 2000 watts in each tent great veg grow heads just smaller only thing I didn’t control well was the temp.

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2000w LED in both tents

What is that actual draw from the wall ? Not all LED’s are created equal


Yea I’m thinking that may be the problem last two lights were cheap but with mixed them two good quality lights so thought I could save here I still have metal hallide lights so thinking of reintroducing those buy really don’t want the increased electricity bills.

I hear ya in that $$$ . I run a t5 for the first few weeks then a 600MH through the first 2 weeks of flower , then HPS. I have one of my current 3 white widows under a 900 watt viparspectra and it’s holding it’s one as far as bud development so far compared to the hps. Final yield will be the decider I guess. Everyone on here seems to rave about the hlg quantum boards . Low operating cost and great results @Sugarbayallstar

Can you link your lights?
Sounds like a classic amazon light issue, asked for 2000w got 200w of junk


Yes I can but haven’t yet thinking of adding MH and HP lights back but don’t like the cost so may get a couple more quality LED lights

Sell them all and buy a QB board…


Looks like you have to assemble those not keen to do that, so might just buy some quality LED unless you can point me to some assembled QB board lights

All you need is a screwdriver… That’s it
Super easy, my girlfriend set mine up

Yep the QB are the way to go. If you don’t want to DIY one I suggest what @Nicky posted. I have the 320 xl super simple to assemble. If you get one tag me and I’ll walk you through assembling it. Very simple process.

Good luck!


I have the same.
It depends on your needs, size of tent/space etc.

2x 1000 LED in both tents metal shed so not easy to control temperature without significant cost and suspicious looking air conditioned shed so thats out Australia continues with archaic laws for medical and recreational weed though two states have reasonable laws I don’t live in one of those.
One light in each room is cheapo so will purchase new qaulity lights

Don’t run an AC then get creative.
More air movement, or run a swamp cooler?
Make sure your sheds are white, including the roof, of not paint them.

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Thanks Nicky sage advice I will do so but whats a swamp cooler I been looking at Esky cooler putting a block of ice with a solar fan placed with J shaped plumbing pipe to distribute cool air

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