Poor man’s nutrients

Is this safe to use for nutrients? I’m really poor I’ve got $769 a month to live on I am growing this for my pain. Indoors 225 W 60 inch tent 32 x 32 for the vegetation, then transfer to the 4‘ x 4‘ By 80 inch tent with 1000 W grow lights I can’t afford to buy a bunch of nutrients and dirt this bad so I got regular potting soil this time no nutrients in it like the miracle girl crap, maybe it is maybe it isn’t depends on who you ask a bank take a look at these couple of pictures and tell me if you think this is OK to feed them wet

Idk about that to be honest but I purchased 2 bags of organic dry amendments happy frog for veg was 15.00 the dr earth for flower was 11.00 and I still have A LOT leftover. I’m on a budget so I feel you


So a bag of each that should last like 20 plants? Do you mix the fertilizer in with the soil?

You can mix it into the soil and water it down… or u can mix it with the water and feed like that. I have used the Dr Earths. Its awesome.

Also i used fish emuls. Relatively cheap (not as cost effective as dry nutes) and they work as advertised


Great thanks for the tips

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I top dress the soil with the dry amendments and scratch it in with my fingers not to ruff but well enough to mix it in. Ratio depends on your bag size I use 1 tablespoon to my 1gal fabric pots and to a 5gal fabric pot i would put 5 tablespoons just my preference i went off the regimen of the bag.

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You can also look at Scott’s super bloom very cheap you can you get at Home Depot. An use in flowering stage. Good luck with your grow

Thanks Everybody for your great tips I’ll be sure and keep you posted as I am very proud of my ladies