Poor germination and having issues with the golden leaf seeds I received

I ordered 10 Golden Leaf feminized seeds which I started 5 to start with. no problem with germination, the issue I have is that 2 of the plants were hermaphrodite and the one I had in my grow tent pollinated my white widow auto flower plants. I have 3 more plants that are around 4 foot high but show no signs of flowering.
Of the 20 White Widow auto flower seeds I ordered 4 of the seeds did not germinate.
Not real happy with this last order , the first order I had all the seeds germinated and were great quality.
What happened???

Did u get seeds from ilgm?

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I’ve seen WW autos take 11+ weeks to flower. Sometimes they have to be jump started with 13/12, but then can move back towards 18/6 or 20/4 over a few days. ILGM genetics are pretty solid. Inside or outside grow?