Pond Muck Recipe (Non-Scientific) please don’t blame be if this doesn’t work for you as well as it works for me

Here’s how I make my pond muck. I’ve done this successfully, multiple times in the past. But never with weed. Until I started growing weed. Now I use it with weed during veg, not when flowering.

I went to the pond near my house that’s hardly ever used. Ever. It’s too bad. The pond is amazing.

And I dug up a bucket of mud from the water’s edge near the reeds where no one goes. The mud had some reeds and stuff in it.

I brought the mud home and put it in this empty kitty litter bin and mixed in some water. I try to keep it in the sun, but covered with a t-shirt. If it smells like a marsh when the bucket is warm, you’re doing it right. Sometimes it will produce bubbles and look like it’s fermenting. THAT’S SCIENCE!

I stir the water around to stir up the sediment, then fill up a bunch of cups with the spoon. The cups all have holes near the bottom. I top off the cups with water/muck water sediment. And then let the cups drain for few days.

Then I flip the cups over on to some paper plates for a week or two. (Or until I remember)

Then they dry a bit longer in my soil-mixing bowl.

Then I smash them up when they’re crispy dry.

I want all of it. But I really want the powdery stuff on the right. And that little pinecone.

But I don’t need to use it right now, so I’ll store it in this bag until I need it.

(If I was trying to sell this as anything legit, this is where I would put my disclaimer.)


Two things I wanna say love it when it starts off with a disclaimer , and the plates surrounding the cat. The cat looks like I’m eat eating that.

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I gotta admit, I’m impressed with how quickly you found this new topic!

You get two likes from me!

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I do appreciate your approach , always interested in learning new techniques. Almost done on my first indoor run so still learning what my grow style will be. The more I see the better equipped I will be.


Beautiful cat! Am not into them…

Sounds like you experimented a few times before you got the muck right. That is really cool. What’s is it in your pond mud, you think has the secret sauce?

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I haven’t even flipped yet, I thought I started before you :smile:

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Catfish feces. I’m running autos.

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Fish and worm crap…makes sense

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I accidentally got too high (MAC & Wash) making this post. I’m hungry, but I’m afraid to stand up. So I am just going to just sit here.

So here’s a picture of the other end of the porch.

I wondering what everyone else is doing. I’m listening to INXS radio on Pandora.


Love INXS! The good die young. Am in my backyard watching my dog dig holes, while drinking a cold beer!

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Trolling the forum sitting on the couch watching my son run wild.


I dint really know what’s in it, but I tried it back in 2001 or 2002 the first time. I only have had one disaster, when my lawn grew too much for an entire summer after using it. That sucked. Too successful.

But when I have cannabis clippings, I dry them and mix it in the bucket. I’ll take potting soil left over from other projects and mixture it in. Some cantaloupe balls that no one ate once. This morning I poured in 2 liters of the runoff from my bale project. I’ve put random scraps of this and that in it. Not dairy or meat or bread or pasta or other liquids besides water. There’s also more mud!

(Here is the source of the bale project runoff.)

I think I feel okay enough to stand up and cook now. I’m starving. :hamburger::taco::pizza:

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A couple hours ago I thought it would be a good idea to take everything out of the deep freezer to let the ice thaw. I went down there to find something to eat.

At least I remembered to box and bag everything up neatly, but I forgot to put towels down to absorb the water. Luckily I remembered before it became a mess.

And that’s why I wasn’t gonna cook. :joy: :joy::joy:


Oly, i’ve got a big ol’ pond myself. And a bunch of blue dream photos that i can’t stay on top of nitrogen for. What do you do with the muck mix after it’s dried? Make a tea?

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@violagirl0 I actually just grab a couple fistfuls of the dried muck mix and spread it around the base of the plant and water/feed right over top of it. I include the dry stringy stuff since it keeps the powder from blowing away.

I haven’t used any of the muck since I’ve started using Jacks321 for nutes, which they seem to love (@Bulldognuts). They are probably still getting residual gooodies from the last few times they got some muck at feeding.

New muck drying.

Okay, i’ve got this weenie head blue dream that’s three weeks old. It’s time to piss or get off the pot for this girl. I’m gonna try pond muck on this one. But holy hell…it stinks. One of my other blue dream for size reference.

I even took an Oly foot photo of my muck (except mine is covered in muck shit) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


@violagirl0 my last batch of mud didn’t have much vegetation (pond grass or whatnot) and it’s really just muck.

I find that mud really time consuming to dry out. I’ve added bits of straw, old fan leaves crunched in it, and and stuff like that. I find that the vegetation really helps letting the much dry thoroughly.

Not enough stuff added to the mud takes me a long time to let dry. And when it does, it’s too powdery. I prefer having the texture of the dried stuff over the powder so it doesn’t all run down the sides of the pot.

I’m excited to see how your muck works for you!

If the little peanut is a photo plant, I’d let it rock for now, but if it’s an auto I’d totally scrap it.

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I concur with @Jake3. But I’ve never grown an auto. If it was, I wonder what it would do if it came back to life.

Is “little weenie head “ still soft like it should feel? Or does it feel hard like plastic? Dottie felt hard and plastic-y before she sprung back to life.

I have no idea why.

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