Poly's little grows

Hello everybody.

Looks like the Hazes are showing some kind of nutrient issue. I treated for N deficiency today but if anyone thinks it’s something else let me know. The big leaf in the top left of the first picture is the other plant but you can see it starting to develop there too.

In better news the first hints of amber are starting to show on the GSC. I prefer just a little amber so I’m sharpening my scissors.

The first WZ is starting to stack a bit.

TR seems to have handled the transplant alright and is adapting to life outdoors. I guess I’ll find out how serious Ethos’ is about the recommendation against outdoor.

OG Kush keeps humming along. Will probably top it soon to even out the canopy.

Two of the Moon Men were males so the short tent is a little less crowded now.

No stacking on this Whiskey Zulu yet but it is a week younger than the one outside.

A few seedlings are popping up in the domes.



Wormwood and chamomile.

Got some new seeds in. The Longtime will probably be first up when the current mess is cleared up…so Jan. 1 maybe. It has a staggering 18-24 week flowering so that should be fun.

Almost time to upgrade the seed storage.


@poly another fine update from you!! You have a lot going on over there lol!! Well managed though!! I love the starter bags your using. Don’t think I’ve seen another with those style bags here yet.

Those are the 0.8G Rain Science pheno hunt bags. I originally got them for a SOG; you can’t really tell in the pictures but they are teardrop shaped so you can really cram’em together. I think they’ll make great pots for mother plants too.

Any input on the funky looking Hazes? Two light N treatments haven’t done anything so I’m going to give them a heavier dose today. Those are in Coast of Maine Stonington Blend with Earth Dust.

Top of this post shows the issue.

@poly They don’t look that bad. I’ll be interested in seeing what your increased dose of N does for them by the end of the week.

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@MeEasy he said earth dust… I tag you in lol maybe you have some insight? Always very helpful :facepunch:


The Haze’s seem to be headed in the right direction. I got the idea to give a little supplemental Mg also. Gave’em some bat guano, epsom salt tea today and will probably do that again tomorrow. Then try a few days on plain water.

Elsewhere the Blueberry got supercropped

and the OG Kush got a bit of cleanup.

The Moon Man got transplanted to the peat, perlite, vermiculite mix and will start getting the same Jack’s GP treatment as the OG Kush has been. Looking a bit sad after a couple of days without water.


@poly your pretty good at this…just saying! :+1:t2::wink::grin:

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve still got all the room to improve. I’m waiting for things to go off the rails with this many plants. I’m used to having a few plants at a time and am sometimes feeling a little overwhelmed with all these :sweat_smile: :smoking:

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