Poly's little grows

How close do you think these are?

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Close-ish. I’m not much of a trichome reader. Are those buds or leaves? The leaves will ripen sooner so they’re not much use making a judgement.

oops. See you got fiedly’s crew on it. You’ll have the master readers on it in no time.

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I do believe mostly bud, I just put the microscope as close as I could trying to get a few shots before lights out.
I think what I want to do is wait till lights are back on tomorrow and get more specific like 3 shots of each plant. I’m pretty sure the plants in center are going to be different than plants tucked in corners. Of course the difference between strains to.
Ill post tomorrow better shots and more details, hopefully make it allot simpler to make an opinion. I’m just guessing 10 or so more days ?

If those are buds I’d be sharpening the scissors. A week or two is probably right depending on how you like your smoke. Honestly I chop when they smoke right. I’ll use the loupe for fun but mostly disregard the information. Fortunately you’ve got that cool machine so you can easily side by side a day 60 bud vs. a day 70 one and use your scope to dial in how ripe you like’em.

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The default setting is 4 day dry into a 4 day cure. ( Which I’m smoking a little now that was taken out with only 3 day cure) is pretty good. But if I can I’d like to run a 5dry slope into 10 cure and it would be that much more better . So ideally I’d like to choose a happy medium for the 4 plants in the middle that I hit hard with like 12-1500 ppfd for first run , then I’m hoping the 3 tucked in the corners getting like 800 ppfd will hold off and still be right for the cycle run without me cutting the cure shorter on first run.
The other question and or concern is I do not have any idea of what to expect these gals will yeild me. Will it be maybe a half pound, pound , of even a couple pounds ? I can fit 2.2 pounds of wet in there.

Didn’t you say you got some Grove bags? Just slip that stuff in there for five days while the other dries and slid it back in when it switches to cure.

I won’t be surprised to find out you’re over capacity :santa:

Speaking of curing. This Ethos Haze with a 6 week cure has blossomed into a strong cedar aroma that continues in the flavor and lingers in the room. Really unique among anything I remember smelling and nothing like it was fresh. Took 4-5 weeks to come into focus.

The high has really come into own too with a fuller body effect and more whimsy in the head.


Didn’t you say you got some Grove bags? Just slip that stuff in there for five days while the other dries and slid it back in when it switches to cure.

So I did consider that. Especially if I don’t want to do a full on wet trim. Could do a quickie trim, then after dry cycle do a drytrim and put in Grove bags till I do the rest in dry cycle and potentially put all together for cure like you mentioned. But if I did have to go that route I’d rather do the default 4/4 setting before putting in Grove bags. Then after the rest does it’s dry cycle throw it all back in for a longer 10+ day cure. I just think it would be better to let the slope into cure process not be interrupted. Especially being more than likely going to be the majority of the nice almost soda can fat corn dog looking ones first. Just don’t want to give any chance of them not being as best as they can be. But I still have about a week or so to figure out how things are going to play themselves out .

A cedar aroma? That actually sounds like it would be pretty pleasant. Looks dense. I hear allot of people liking the ethos gens to. They are on my list but I’ve got 2 grows before I can try them. Next is the snowcaine by twenty20 but I also want to try one of the Humboldts blueberry muffin or apple or dream first.
Have a big list , need to go on a ice work spree and starting getting more gear. Gone from heroin addiction to now spending all my money on growing addiction . :joy:

Yeah. A long cure under good conditions makes all the difference.

It is a nice change of pace I’ll miss when it’s gone. Nice density too; that nug is 4.35g. Hauled about 9oz out from the 2 plants in the 2x2.5. There was another 2oz of OG Kush in there taking up space that they would have gladly filled given the chance.

Ethos seems ok. The other one I grew from them was a freebie and worth exactly what I paid. This is definitely a nice plant but nothing special among Hazes (it’s a higher bar). I mean they made it their flagship Haze; maybe I was expecting too much. My Twenty20s were freebie autos and they’ve been alright. Good plants, kind of bland in the effect really. I’ve only grown and consumed eight autos but I’m wondering if blandness doesn’t tag along with the auto part.

This Dutch Passion Blueberry (outdoor, organic) is really top shelf but based on my past experience with them I didn’t expect much. Amazing roasting coffee, chocolate smell, velvet in the mouth and a high that cuts straight through whatever was smoked previously and if you keep smoking you keep going up (I haven’t found the ceiling yet) and stay there a while. So there are gems everywhere.

Awesome. I kicked amphetamines (to put it politely) about 20 years ago and alcohol earlier this year. I’ve definitely made a few purchases these last few months with money that would otherwise have been literally pissed away.

9 oz from 2 plants isnt anything to complain about. I’m thinking the majority I’m going to get is from my 2 zkittlzz in the 7 gal pots if sohum soil. Well it appears that way and I would be more than happy if I get anything near 9 oz with them.

As far as twenty20 goes I have heard nothing but good things about most of their products being up around 27 percent THC average into the 30s and being one of the better terp breeder’s. At least that’s the feedback at planted Earth ( local shop). Homboldt being it’s rival and you can just tell by doing a little research about them they are among some of top tier. I would imagine your right about most places having at least a strain or 2 thatvis gems.
I thought about trying dutch passion to. There’s a great many out there. Tell ya Im pleasantly surprised the way these zkittlzz from ilgm turned out. I was concerned at first but of course being my first grow I didn’t know what to expect and there is the beginning errors to.
I know off the start I was misting a bit to much everyday , then had troubles having to return a few humidifiers before finally getting something that worked almost good enough to get in ideal conditions. Was well into veg, late veg .

You say it as amphetamine was the harder worse thing to kick. Everyone has their own thing that is worse for them but it’s typically the other way around. Alcohol is usually the really nasty one. Allot of the times even makes heroin withdrawal to be nice.
Would have to be a pretty uncommon thing and I suppose u see the right conditions you could due from heroin withdrawal, but more often the case you just feel like or dying. :joy: ( I can certainly agree with that feeling) . Its truely hell. But alcohol withdrawal can actually kill you. So can some barbs like xans. Either way I’m definitely a fan of anyone that is able to overcome anything that is coasting negative impacts on their life wether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, food, gambling, drug dealing, or whatever. So congrats !

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I’m definitely not going judge them based on a couple of autos. I’ve got two more auto varieties from them going now so maybe I’ll like these better. Even if I don’t I still wouldn’t judge them negatively or assume all their stuff is the same. I’m looking for pretty specific effects. Someone else looking for their thing may really enjoy these; I wouldn’t be surprised. Like that OG Kush. The only good thing about it to me is the taste (the marijuana equal to menthol cigs). The high is completely devastating mentally and physically. A friend took some and came back for more immediately :person_shrugging:

A good environment is nice but killer genetics don’t require it for killer smoke. The best I’ve ever grown was with soil and lights purchased from Home Depot and no concept of “environmental control”. It was so nice I passed a cut on to a “commercial” grower. Later I had some of his grown hydroponically with all his experience and knowledge and the main difference was density. Didn’t get me any higher, didn’t smell any better. Just weighed more (which was nothing to sniff at since it was a very meager yielder for me). Damn I miss that plant. Cuttings got passed around Denver in the early 2000s as “Kahuna” (was actually Hawaiian Haze from Abraxas but the commercial guys didn’t think that was catchy enough I guess). I have a fantasy that one day someone is going to turn up who has kept one of those cuttings around and we can be reunited.

The point to all that rambling is environment is not usually the limiting factor. Find the plant that rocks your world and you’ll be hard pressed to manipulate your environment into anything other than giving you more of it…and I probably shouldn’t have so much of this Blueberry for breakfast.

Nope you got it right. Kicked speed on the first try and never had any desire for it again even though I was still around it all the time. I must have said “tomorrow is the day” to quit drinking a thousand times. One funny thing. None of my speed buddies ever asked “Why?” when they heard I quit. Almost everyone asks why about the alcohol (I guess I kept it well hidden). Anyhow lets all keep kicking whatever it is that needs kicking :turkey:

I would argue it’s intersex rather than a hermaphrodite, but that’s probably hair splitting that doesn’t exist in the Cannabis world presently. I view intersex as genetic manifestation - XXY. Hermaphrodite I consider an XX operating on self-replication to preserve itself.

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I thought that might be your feeling after getting an understanding how you looked at it in the other topic. Regardless of what we’re calling it does that look like signs of both male and female bits to your keen eye? I’ve been fooled by females showing apparent male parts but turning out 100% female in the end so I was thinking it might that case in reverse.

I found this interesting tidbit in a text dump of quotes from breeders. Whoever made it was pretty sloppy so attribution is difficult.

A quick word on “backward” hermaphrodites ? declared males that
eventually sport female flowers ? as opposed to the usual
female-to-male hermaphrodites. These are semi-rare occurrences,
usually sterile but sometimes viable, that I have found at times to be
valuable in their genetic contributions. Some of the most resinous and
desirable males I have encountered exhibited this trait. This trait
almost seems to guarantee against unwanted hermaphroditism in
subsequent generations as it also increases the female to male ratio
in its progeny.

So I’m going to hit the NMK females with it just in case. Since I have the other normal male I’m kind of hoping now it shoots out full blown female parts soon.

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Hey happy :turkey:gobble day.

I gotta agree with you as far as genetics are concerned . Can have the best light , best gear, and everything dialed in to a tee but genetics is what limits how far it’s going to go. I’m sure genetics had the majority to do with that run but maybe a little beginning luck may have had your environment just right for that particular strain .

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@poly hope you and your partner are having a wonderful holiday together!! Happy Turkey Day!! :turkey:


Thanks. Saw some family, looked at football on a TV and in true Thanksgiving fashion threw a bit of everything (Hz, BB, MM, OG) in a paper and will be ready for dessert soon. I saw your spread. Hope it went as good as it looked.


It does. If there weren’t pistils I would have immediately said male.

I had a similar plant not too long ago, but it only developed a few male sacs and never did end up growing more after the initial round.


The New Malawi Killer females started putting out their first stigmas. Thirty days since 12/12 after two weeks 24/0 to root. With tropical/equatorial varieties there is no need to mess around with any vegetative stage. They’re used to every night being 11-13 hours and won’t just jump right into flowering when you flip. They also prefer very light feed (especially nitrogen). At 0.9 EC I’m still getting frowned at. Next reservoir fill will be at 0.5 EC. How low can they go?

I’m hoping another 4-6 weeks and they’ll be at least on the verge of flowering.

NMK#4 has removed any doubt about intersexness.

Interesting is that the different types of flowers are segregated. Branches are either all male or all female flowers.


The first of the autos to be paired with UV#5 got pollinated. After the disastrous results of being “careful” I went with the reverse prophylactic approach this time. Bag the branch to be pollinated, spray the rest, remove bag, apply pollen, re-bag, re-spray.

The big NMK fems were due for a trim so I threw a dozen cuttings from each in Rapid Rooters. Hopefully a couple will root so I can use those for pollinating instead of the big’uns. I’m trying to get them to root on 13/11 and skip a re-veg as getting these things to flower is not exactly fast paced.

I also took a male and a female branch from NMK#4. There isn’t any plan for these but I’ll try to re-veg them as novelties for now.


That isn’t like your typical red mulch , what exactly is that your using there?

The last picture in the cups? That’s coco coir. It’s regular brown in real life.

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