Pollo's First Grow Journal

What’s up fellas, my gf and I have been wanting to grow so we made a deal. She gets the seeds and I’ll build the infra. I loved the process of getting the seeds from ILGM so much that I ended up ordering some Sour Diesel for future grows (also wanna press it into rosin).

After a bunch of research, I set up our tent and our growing medium of Coco and Perlite, supplementing with calmag and Flora nutrients as needed. I wanted to add worm casings but couldn’t find any locally. Can I add some to the medium when I re-pot?

I’m a developer by trade so I made a little monitoring/time lapse system that takes a photo of the plant every hour. Here it is:

and here’s the over-head photo:

16 hours of light starting… now!


Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome! I am a soil grower so I can’t help with coco. I am sure one of the knowledgeable coco growers can provide you some guidance.


Welcome to the community happy growing


Welcome to the forum, have your seeds popped yet?


Welcome aboard! Coco you have to water every other day for the first couple of weeks, then every day after. I’m a Coco and Jack’s grower, so I really have no info for your nute system, but there are lots that use Flora growers here. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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AK47 and Bubblegum were germinated in water, but the White Widow is on its third seed cause the other two were really really really stubborn I guess? I decided to just plant a seed straight into the coco and let it germinate that way

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That’s the way I do it. Good luck!


Welcome @elpolloloco to the community. If you can share your setup there is a form for that here. That way we can see whats under the hood to better understanding how your setup.
I’ve been using the GH Flora series for a few grows. Additionally I am also a Hydroponic farmer, coco is considered hydro, if you didn’t already know. You’ll have to feed with each watering unless you are having issues or just want to flush.
Here’s a Flora chart with feeding guidelines.

Good luck with your first grow.

Start of day two:

My GF had the awesome idea to put the temperature monitor in the shot so shoutout to her!

After 20 hours of light the coco started to dry up (image) in some remote spots so I watered the plants after their four hour rest:

PHing was super fun, it was like a science lab lol.

Now, they begin their 2nd day of light fully fed and ready for action:

For me? I’ll be ripping a bowl of Wakanda while I wait for the Sour Diesel seeds I ordered get processed. I didn’t know it was great for resin pressing, so guess what the next grow diary will be about?

Peace from day two,

What light source are you using?

VIVOSUN VS2000 LED, about 24 inches above the plants and at 100% power. Here’s the most recent photo my cam got:

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UPDATE: Bubblegum has sprouted and is just starting to wiggle on up. Images to follow once it’s in a better angle for the camera.

end of day two of light for these bad boys, letting them rest for four hours before starting day three. Bubblegum sprouted, so I can’t wait to measure it’s growth now it’s visible. AK47 was THIRSTY, hopefully that means the seedling is working its way up. For White Widow, I’m just giving it time. It started straight in the soil compared to the BBG and AK that cracked open under water.

Ok, so BBG has GREW, but I’m scared that it may be stretching too much? Here’s a photo of it, the colors are a bit washed out on the camera:

3/3 seeds popped! Only thing I’m worried about is Bubblegum’s growth. The other two are short and growing, but bubblegum is super tall. I’m afraid it’s stretching, but it’s the only one?

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