Pollinating my female question

Week 4 of flowering and I collected some pollen from a male and dusted 4 buds/flowers on a lower branch of my female in an effort to produce seeds. Not sure what to expect but 4 days later I notice this…does this look normal?

Compared to the non-pollinated buds

To me the first pic shows a loose bud caused by lack of light but in no way should this affect the production of seeds. With the amount of white pistils if you got pollen on them you should get seeds and if you were not really careful you could have seeds throughout your garden, pollen is microscope and is hard to keep contained. I only know this because I’ve done this and had seeds two plants away, of course I could have had a sneaky banana. I get seeds in probably 1 in 3 grows without trying lol

So, I don’t think its the light and I’m saying this because other buds in the same light level still have very healthy white pistils.

The buds on the left are the ones pollinated and the one on the right is one that is on the same light level.

Close up of the one on the right

I think its the normal process of when a pistil gets pollinated but I figure I would ask questions since this is my first successful female grow. My 3 previous bag seeds have been males.

Yep, wilted looking pistils means you have successfully pollinated that bud. I’d mark it somehow to track it. I use green garden tape. You may wind up with a handful of stray seeds from nearby buds as well.


Awesome :ok_hand: I loosely tied a white ribbon around the stem if the pollinated buds :grinning:

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