Pollinated plants help

Hi all, just a quick question. I have pollinated my Malawi gold and Durban magic mothers with Malawi gold. Is there anyway if I shower them in my bathtub really well I can return them to my flower room? I do have other plants in there. Thanks

Just put a fan directly on them for 5 min before returning them to the flower tent.

The pollen will either stick to the plants and die or be blown away.


giving the plants a shower is a great idea, but not the indoor shower. Use a pressure pump spray pack with rainwater. wet pollen is not viable pollen. Let the plants dry and take them back in with the rest of your unpollinated females. There will be very little to none contamination of the other plants.cheers mountainman 1


Yup. A quick spray down. Then fan dry. And they are find.

As said. Wet pollen is not viable pollen


Great! Thanks as always guys