Pollinated by hemp

 I have five big healthy female plants (clones) in the garden, four in the ground and one in a 20gallon pot.  All are well into flowering and all are now making seeds, they're not completely loaded but they all have some seeds. I've watched them closely looking for male flowers and have seen none. There is a 40acre scraggly looking hemp field a mile and a half from my place that I'm pretty positive is the daddy.  

This hemp is being grown for CBD, my plants are Gold Leaf and Train Wreck. Any chance the offspring will possibly be a good high CBD, medium/low THC cross ? I know everyone will say, throw the seeds away, kill it with fire etc.etc. But I make tinctures and I don’t like the stoner high. So, I’d actually rather have a lower THC, higher CBD strain for my purpose. Anyone have any experience with this?

I don’t have any experience with that personally, but I say save the seeds, grow them, do a pheno hunt and see what you have. You’d have to have the end product lab tested or even test it with a home test kit maybe. But, you never know. It could be the next big thing!


Found out the hemp growing near my place is “Cherry Abacus” strain. I’m 99% sure it’s what pollinated my girls, should make a great cross for my needs.


So, I picked out 6 good dark seeds to start under my T5, I know all the stoners scoff at this but I’d much
prefer a good THC/CBD balanced strain to make my tinctures. Bergman’s Gold Leaf is a wonderful strain
but a bit potent for me. With a good balance I’m thinking I can do a full decarb and get all the good from the THC and CBD without it being overly psychoactive. Wish me luck :slightly_smiling_face: Also guys, I’m up for suggestions on a name, Cross between Gold Leaf & Cherry Abacus :thinking:

Golden cherry comes to mind for a name. :wink::+1::v:

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