Pollenated flowers developing seeds

I have some more learning to do.
Been doing some reading then get interrupted and cant then find the info i found interesting and helpful.
Is that just me?
Oh never mind.
Im in nz our outdoor grow window coming to a close.
Most my plants have had the chop.
Been dried and now curing except one plant.
Ive been watching her very closely and the trichromes seem to be taking forever to mature past the clear smoky stage and show a little amber.
Ive picked a few colas off the plant a week or so apart to see how the final results differ.
Anyway what i also did was pollinate a cola or two on each of my bushes.
That seems to have worked a treat.
Leaving the pollinated branch to grow when i cut the rest of my plant down for drying.
My question/ quest is to learn how long do i let them grow to full maturity?
Is there any special harvesting procedure for the seeds like there is the flowers without seeds.
IE: picking them: drying; curing: storing of them.
If anyone with this knowledge could respond that would be great.
As they say good luck with your grow.
Keep safe.
@AAA @kettle @frostybuds @shindig153 @Hellraiser @MrPeat @dbrn32 to name a few trusted supporters in my new journey.


Seeds take a minimum of 4 weeks, but I’d give them 6 if possible. Once ripe you will see some busting out of the pods.

I completely dry the buds then harvest the seeds, the time I didn’t the seeds had some husks that got moldy.

Stoked you got a good harvest!


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As usual my brother Bulldognuts has beat me to the punchline
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P.S Congrats on wicked harvest.
kīa ora :v:


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You can usually see the seeds turning brown and trying to release themselves from plant when they’re ready. Green isn’t ready.


As AAA said, seeds take about 4 weeks from pollination to mature but give them a little longer to make sure.


Years ago when I grew outdoor I had some weed go seedy, I just let it go until the seeds were starting to pop out.