Pollen possibly inside?


Hello & thanks in advance to all who respond. I had some plants hermie last run. I now have 2 autos later in their cycle & I’m wondering what to use to clean it totally out? Or do I purchase a new tent? Temps get 31 Celsius at the highest & my plants seem to get heat stress. Also both runs Ive used Advance Nutrients at 1/2 strength according to their feed chart. My plants have turned yellow. I know I know Pics coming, wasn’t planning on rambling so much.


Hey there @Shawncan75 as far as the cleaning go’s I would definitely clean do your tent I use so warm water and some disinfectant into the water give it a good clean down and let to dry out completely, with your temps mate an A/C and plenty of air flow it sounds like you might have a nutrient problem but we would need to see those pictures so that we can get you sorted out ASAP :v:️.


I’ll post pics later Johnny & I’m using AN PH Perfect so I figured can’t be PH but who knows? Hopefully I can figure this out? It’s my 2nd grow indoors but I wouldn’t count the 1st so this would be my 1st again. Lol


I use a bleach solution & totally clean all walls, fans, & ceiling between each grow. If you had some hermies in there & didnt clean well pollen could still be in your tent


Yeah im thinking it’s a Nitrogen deficiency but photos first and will get some more opinions for you also mate so we are sure on how to move forward :v:️ I’m following now anyway mate.


@Johnzy81 is right, pollen wont cause yellowing


No it wouldn’t @Laurap mate, but just like you said I clean everything down and make sure that there is nothing left behind to cause any problems for us :+1:.


can you fill this out @Shawncan75 ?


The yellowing could be because their hungry half strength nuts may nor be enough. Also what size pot are you in they may be rootbound that will cause yellowing as well. Those are the questions that jump out without seeing pictures


I use ph perfect and so do a few other growers on here I always feed full strength (within a ml either way) and I think it produces healthy beautiful plants I don’t check ph or ppm at all. There is a guy who uses them and has not checked pH in over 2 years with no issue. I have heard others say you have to adjust ph perfect but I never have

This is an ILGM blackberry Kush just statting week 7 of flower grown in coco and ph perfect nutrients


Here are some pics & I’m quite sure it’s got Nanners like my 1st run. This really sucks. Can this be heat issues or possibly not using full strength nutes?

Small 6 inch clip on then I upgraded to a floor 9.


Also these plants are usually in a 3 X 3 tent under a Quantum Board 260 att HLG. Sunshine Mix #4. Advance Nutrients Big Bud, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X & PH Perfect